The manufacturer-specific code P1326 indicated abnormal vibrations resulting from excessive wear in the connecting rod bearings.

The diagnostic trouble code P1326 is an error code that results from erratic vibrations in your engine, detected by Knock Sensor Detection System (KSDS). This sensor looks over the functioning of the engine and ensures optimal working of the connecting rod bearing. When the rod starts to receive wear that could further damage the engine, this sensor alerts the ECU, prompting the trouble code P1326. The digit 1 in this code is manufacturer-specific, primarily pertaining to Kia and Hyundai vehicles.

Reasons for P1326

The reasons for this trouble code being picked on by the knock sensor are as follows:

  1. The knock sensor that picks up the abnormal vibration is damaged.
  2. There could be some mechanical problems with the engine, such as seized engine or rod knock.
  3. Uncomely condition of the motor.
  4. Problem with KSDS wiring or short circuit.
  5. Software error in the KSDS system.

The error code P1326 is the sign that the driver must take proactive steps to rectify, diagnose and get the issue fixed. It means that the vehicle’s engine and its components are going through wear and can cause permanent damage if not sorted on time.

Possible Fixes for P1326

There are various fixes for the error code P1326. However, the primary one starts by diagnosing the code. Use a trusted scanning tool to ensure that the code is really P1326 and not some false alarm. When P1326 presents itself as a trouble code, it is important first to clear the Engine Control Module to receive insight into any further diagnostics that need to be addressed.

Be sure to note other Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) that may be active and subsequently inspect the knock sensor and its wire harness, as well as the ECM, for any liable connections. Furthermore, a fuel pressure evaluation, as well as an injector pulse-wave survey, should occur when cranking the engine over for adequate troubleshooting of P1326.

Then proceed on to finding possible fixes for the error code. To address P1326, you may need to repair or replace the connection to the knock sensor circuit or replace the knock sensor itself. In some cases, updating the Engine Control Module (ECM) can also help resolve P1326. In extreme situations where P1326 cannot be fixed, you may require a complete replacement or rebuild of your entire engine. Consulting with a trusted mechanic can provide expert assistance in determining what solutions will best solve P1326 and maximize your car’s performance.


  1. What does code P1326 mean on Hyundai Santa Fe?

    Code P1326 is a diagnostic code in Hyundai Santa Fe vehicles that typically means a problem with the connecting rod bearings or knock sensor needs to be addressed. The connecting rod bearing is responsible for connecting the engine’s piston to its connecting rods; if it wears out, it can cause the engine to alter its timing and deliver the P1326 diagnostic code.

    As for the knock sensor, P1326 may indicate that it needs to be replaced, as worn-out sensors cannot effectively detect and respond to knocking within the engine block. Both of these issues must be addressed as soon as P1326 is identified, as neglecting them may lead to further damage and costly repairs or replacements.

  2. How do I turn my check engine light off?

    If your vehicle is displaying P1326, you may be able to restore your check engine light to a non-detected status. One approach to start with is to keep driving and allow the light to reset itself; this is only sometimes a successful strategy, however.

    If it persists, you can give an OBD2 scanner a try; this can alert you to the matching diagnostic trouble code, which will allow technicians to detect and repair the issue quickly or even give you an idea of potential solutions. Other potential solutions include simply turning off and on your car’s ignition or creating a ‘hard reset’ by disconnecting and reconnecting either your battery or ECM.

  3. What is the code for a bad knock sensor?

    P1326 is the code for a bad knock sensor. This code can be triggered when the knock sensor malfunctions or fails to work correctly. A faulty knock sensor can cause the engine to run inefficiently and perform poorly, so it is crucial to routinely check your vehicle’s sensors to ensure they are functioning as intended. P1326 should be addressed immediately upon detection to keep the engine running at its best.

  4. How Serious is the P1326 Code?

    P1326 is a serious code error and should be dealt with swiftly. This code indicates that there is wear in the connecting rod bearings of the engine, which can cause significant damage to both the pistons and other mechanical components within the engine. Therefore, P1326 requires a trained technician's swift diagnosis to prevent further damage.


OBD-II trouble code P1326 is quite common, and it’s usually triggered by wear in the connecting rod bearings or faulty knock sensors. If you’re getting this code repeatedly, even after changing the knock sensor, it’s best to take your car to expert mechanics who can diagnose the problem accurately. You can find more Trouble codes and their meanings on our dedicated DTC page.