Network communications

Network communications in the vehicular networks domain are being developed to efficiently broadcast safety alerts, real-time traffic congestion probing, and distribute on-road multimedia content.

Today’s vehicles are equipped with more electronics than before to deal with the various needs of drivers and passengers and to improve fuel efficiency.

A variety of sensors and actuators and ECUs are interconnected by multiple in-vehicle networking paradigms, exchanging information and coordinating controls to allow more valuable functionalities to be implemented. In general, there are five representative in-vehicle networking technologies employed in current automobiles:

  • Controller area network or CAN;
  • Local interconnect network
  • FlexRay
  • Media Oriented Systems Transport
  • Ethernet.

References: In-Vehicle Networking: Protocols, Challenges, and Solutions from Jun Huang, Mingli Zhao, Yide Zhou, and Cong-Cong Xing