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TOAD-Pro (Total Car Diagnostics) Review – Too Good To Be True?

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So you may have heard of this shiny software that promises ECU programming, OBD2 diagnostics for any make and model, comprehensive performance reports, walks your dog, polishes your rims while you sleep... right?

They call it "TOAD".

Well, while the last two may indeed be an exaggeration, we want to discover whether the first promises are true. 

Are we dealing here with the best software for cars ever, or is it a piece of junk?

Keep reading, there's a lot to cover.


Product Type:
Diagnosis Software

Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

Value For Money


What We Like

  • Provides both OBD2 software and ECU remapping
  • Massive price advantage Vs. comparable hardware solutions.
  • Impressive list of compatible makes and models
  • Allows real-time data streaming
  • Reset warning lights on your vehicle
  • Notifies you if a system is outside optimal parameters
  • Wireless Version available (nice!)
  • 17 software systems ensure you’re always up to date
  • Lifetime system updates across all programs
  • Free guides and repair manuals available online with purchase
  • Risk-free one-year warranty

What We Don't Like

  • More expensive than other OBD2 software-only solutions.
  • May be too complicated for casual drivers or auto enthusiasts
  • Without the wireless setup, the USB cord is relatively short
Toad-pro (total car diagnostics) review – too good to be true?


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Features of toad
Toad interface



So, after our thorough analysis and use of the tool, we conclude that the TOAD is solid.

Hands down the best diagnosis software there is, and definitely a fantastic addition to your toolbox, even if you won't be actually fitting it in your toolbox 😛

Never be in the dark about you check engine light ever again!

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