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Best OBD2 Scanner for VW & VAG (Including Skoda, Audi, & Seat)

If you own a Volkswagen or are frequently working on VAG cars like Audi, Skoda and Seat,  a VW OBD2 scanner can be your best friend.

It allows you to stay on top of engine problems before they do any long-lasting damage and helps with preventive maintenance.

Some VW specific OBD2 codes include P1155, P1157 and P1160. If you’re using an OBD2 scanner that is not made to diagnose VW or VAG cars, you might receive a generic message.

We’ve tested various options in the market, and handpicked the best OBD2 scanners based on performance, compatibility, and value for money.

Here’s the 5 best ODB2 scanners for VW and VAG for 2021.

OBD2 SCANNERS FOR VW: Comparison Chart

TOP PICK!Best obd2 scanner for vw & vag (including skoda, audi, & seat)1. FOXWELL NT614
  • Easy-to-read screen
  • Test engine, airbag, brakes, and oil lights
  • Stream live data for convenience
  • Impact resistant housing
BUDGET PICK!Best obd2 scanner for vw & vag (including skoda, audi, & seat)2. XTOOL VAG401
  • Plug-and-play model
  • Works on all VAG brands
  • Easy to read screen
  • Check engine, airbags, oil, and more
Best obd2 scanner for vw & vag (including skoda, audi, & seat)3. Autel Maxidas DS808
  • Rugged housing for the tablet
  • Remote viewing of vehicle data
  • Live scanning for convenience
  • Large screen is easy to read
Best obd2 scanner for vw & vag (including skoda, audi, & seat)4. TOAD
  • Easy to use model
  • Works on all vehicles, including VAG cars
  • Repair manuals and forums
  • Lifetime updates and upgrades
Best obd2 scanner for vw & vag (including skoda, audi, & seat)5. OBDeleven Pro
  • Wireless connection
  • Works with most smartphones
  • Can monitor car anywhere, anytime
  • Made for VAG brands

Our tOP Recommendations for Volkswagen / VAG


Best OBD2 Scanner for VW & VAG (Including Skoda, Audi, & Seat)

When picking out the right OBD2 scanner, you can either get a model that’s designed for one particular brand, or you can get one that will work for a wide selection of makes and models.

This device from Foxwell is one of the latter, meaning that it will be useful for cars that aren’t Volkswagen as well. Let’s see what features and specs it has.

4.5-inch LED Screen

Another element to consider when choosing a scanner is how you can read the obd codes and see the data. In this case, the NT614 is a bit larger than most standard OBD2 models, meaning that it’s much easier to read what’s on the screen.

Considering that you can not only look up codes but monitor live readings (more on that in a second), having a bigger display helps ensure you can follow along easily.

Airbag, Brakes, and Oil Light Reset

With most OBD2 scanners, you can only check on parts of the engine. While this covers the bulk of what happens underneath the hood, some essential systems that aren’t provided include the airbags, brakes, and the oil light.

Fortunately, you can check on and reset all of these warning lights on your dashboard, making the Foxwell NT614 even more versatile and useful for both amateurs and professionals alike.

Live Vehicle Sensors

Although waiting for something to go wrong is the MO of most DIY auto enthusiasts, it’s much better to be proactive about your car’s internal systems.

Thankfully, the NT614 enables you to scan live data while the vehicle is running, which can help detect performance issues before they become an issue.

While you can’t adjust anything through the device, you get more than enough information to know what to do next.


Overall, we appreciate the compact size and complete functionality of this device. While the screen can be a little small for some users, it’s more than enough to read codes and look at vehicle performance stats. Also, the housing is rugged and built to last.

Beyond the screen, the only downside of this scanner is that you have to find the right codes for Volkswagen and VAG cars. It would be nicer if you could only keep one on the system so that you can streamline the process. However, with lifetime updates, this shouldn’t be much of a dealbreaker for most people.



2. Autel Maxidas DS808

Best OBD2 Scanner for VW & VAG (Including Skoda, Audi, & Seat)

If you like the idea of using a tablet to monitor your car’s health, then you will appreciate what the Autel Maxidas DS808 has to offer. 

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This system comes with a full suite of services and data tracking, meaning that diagnosing your Volkswagen’s health is never an issue. Here’s what you can do with this device.

Rugged Tablet

One of the primary selling points for this system is that you not only get the scanning tool that plugs into your car, but you also get a tablet with a large LED screen and built-in apps to help you monitor your vehicle.

Not only does the larger surface area make all of the information easier to read, but the housing is rugged so that you can carry it around with confidence.

Multiple Performance Apps

Diagnosing problems with your vehicle requires a bit more than just looking up code numbers.

Autel provides you with a variety of apps that allow you to monitor real-time data and save information for multiple vehicles. Since this scanner is designed for professionals, you can do a lot more with it than other models.

Full-Service Diagnostics

As we mentioned, most OBD2 scanners are rather limited. With the DS808, however, you can truly dig into the vehicle’s issues with full on-display data about every little bit.

This way, you can always stay on top of your car’s performance and be proactive about having it run smoothly.


We appreciate that this is a full-service scanner. You can do a lot more with this system than you can with other OBD2 units, so it offers a lot more functionality for the money. Also, the tablet is large enough so that anyone can see what’s going on without having to use a magnifying glass.

Unfortunately, Autel is known for car diagnostics, not building tablets. The operating system can be glitchy at times, and it can be slow. Overall, if you don’t mind having to reset your tablet on occasion, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.




toad total car diagnostics

Image Credit : TOAD ( Total car diagnosis )

When searching for the best OBD2 scanner for Volkswagen and VAG cars, you can either get something that’s built for professionals or the average user.

In this case, TOAD stands for Total Onboard Auto Diagnostic, and it’s a tool that everyone can use, from beginners to veteran mechanics. Simply put, this is the ultimate OBD2 diagnosis software.

OBD2 and ECU Scanning

If you have a modern Volkswagen, then there are onboard computers that control many of your engine’s systems.

Most standard OBD2 scanners won’t be able to tell you what the computer is saying, meaning that newer cars can miss out on some of these features.

Fortunately, TOAD has you covered, whether you’re driving a Volkswagen or something else.

Adjust Car’s Performance

Not only can you tap into your vehicle’s computer, but you can make adjustments as well. If you want to maximize the performance of your car, you can do so with this system.

Thus, you can keep your Volkswagen running as smoothly as possible for years to come.

Lifetime Updates

One issue that plagues many OBD2 scanners is that they can become obsolete as soon as the codes change. Thus, if you decide to buy a newer vehicle, you’ll have to get another scanner as well.

Fortunately, TOAD will provide updates for all codes and systems for life, so you’ll never have to get another model.


Overall, we like everything that TOAD has to offer. If you’re an enthusiast or a professional, you can make this system work for your Volkswagen or VAG vehicle.

Unfortunately, TOAD only works on the engine. Thus, if you want to check other systems like brakes and tire pressure, you’ll have to buy a separate scanner.




Best OBD2 Scanner for VW & VAG (Including Skoda, Audi, & Seat)

So far, we’ve been looking at OBD2 scanners that were built for a wide range of vehicle makes and models.

However, since this list is the best Volkswagen and VAG cars, it makes sense to buy a scanner that only has those codes inside. This unit from XTool is one such model, which is why we like it.

Specific to VAG Brands

The primary benefit of getting a vehicle-specific scanner is that you can save time trying to locate the right codes. Also, since it’s built for only these brands, you don’t have to worry about anything missing.

Some other generic scanners may not have all of the codes for Volkswagen or Audi, for example, which defeats the purpose.

Monitors Additional Vehicle Systems

One reason we really appreciate this scanner is that you can check on the engine, tire pressure, airbags, and other internal systems.

This sets it apart from other generic models as well because you can monitor everything going on inside your car.

Fast and Easy Scanning

This is a plug-and-play model, which means that you just plug it into your vehicle’s OBD2 port and it will start working. You don’t even have to turn it on first. Simplicity and user-friendliness are par for the course with XTool.


If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to check on dashboard lights and reset them, then this is your best bet. It doesn’t offer much beyond coding for VAG brands, but that should be more than enough for most casual drivers.

The screen is a little small, so reading each code can be a bit challenging, depending on how well you can see what it says. Also, there’s no live scanning or anything, so hardcore enthusiasts won’t be able to check anything until there’s a problem.



We regret to inform you that this product is currently unavailable. However, the good news is that there is a similar product that has compelling features and promising user reviews. The XTOOL EZ400 Pro is a professional diagnostic scanner with a touch screen, which has been upgraded from the XTOOL EZ400. It supports OBD-II protocols and has a strong compatibility with various vehicle makes and models. It can diagnose vehicles built from 1996 to 2020. The XTOOL EZ400 Pro is a state-of-the-art diagnostic scan tool that can diagnose and perform data-stream read and clear functions on all OBD II protocols. It has the ability to identify codes from powertrain, Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), airbag, instrument cluster, service engine codes,etc.The powerful gadget has an ergonomic design and is very simple and easy to use. The design of various function keys provide simple operation and intuitive touch screen operation, which greatly reduces the learning curve for first-time users. It supports Over-The-Air (OTA) updates. This product is equipped with an auto-scan function, which can complete the scanning process by only pressing one button.The XTOOL EZ400 Pro Diagnostic Scan Tool is small and compact enough to be stored in your glove compartment or center console for scanning on the go. It has a built-in speaker. These features make it convenient, handy and user friendly. It is designed to read and clear trouble codes, show real-time sensor data in graphical form, and read live data streams from the sensors for analysis.It not only supports both android and iOS operating systems but also both WiFi and Bluetooth connection methods.The XTOOL EZ400 Pro includes a powerful set of features that help you get the most out of your vehicle’s performance including live data graphing, graphing/recording capability with up to 65000 records on one screen, drive cycle verification report generation. It can be used as a standalone device for novice technicians, or it can be connected to the PC for control by veteran technicians.

5. OBDeleven Pro

Best OBD2 Scanner for VW & VAG (Including Skoda, Audi, & Seat)

For the most part, OBD2 scanners connect directly to your car’s onboard system. However, if you prefer convenience and versatility, then you might prefer a wireless version instead.

This model from OBDeleven syncs to your smartphone, giving you the power of diagnostics in your hand at all times.

Bluetooth Scanning

Overall, we prefer wireless scanning because it’s so much easier. However, in some cases, you can have trouble connecting, so it’s nice to have a cord as a backup.

This model doesn’t have an analog cable, but it’s more reliable than most, so it should be extra convenient. The other bonus is that you can leave the scanner in at all times.

VA Specific

As we mentioned, having a scanner that is specific to your vehicle is beneficial because you know it’s compatible and it’s up-to-date. In this case, though, it just has codes for Volkswagen and Audi, from 1991 to 2018.

Smartphone Syncing

Checking up on your car from your phone is the ultimate in convenience. Not only can you diagnose problems when a light appears, but this system also enables you to monitor all of your vehicle’s onboard systems (provided it’s recent enough to have an ECU). It works with Android devices, not iPhone.


We appreciate that this scanner comes with a wide assortment of features, and we like that it’s wireless. As long as you can sync with your phone, you’ll love being able to monitor your car at all times.

This isn’t a “one and done” system. You get free “coins” to spend on various features, and you have to buy more to keep going. Thus, it can get pretty expensive if you check on your car regularly.



Dishonorable Mention – findway [New Version] VAG-COM KKL 409.1

Yes, this list is about the best OBD2 scanners for VAG vehicles, but we want to show you one model that shouldn’t be on anyone’s list.

While it may be tempting to save some money on something like this, the Findway is one of the worst options out there.

All you have to do is browse through the negative reviews to understand why we don’t like this unit. It’s buggy, it doesn’t work all the time, and it causes more problems than it solves. Overall, you’d be throwing money away, not putting some back in your pocket. If you see this in your search, ignore it and keep looking.


Although we’ve seen some incredible OBD2 scanners for Volkswagen and VAG cars, we have to say that our top pick is the Foxwell NT614. 

The reason we like this model above the rest is that it’s effortless to use and it’s not too overwhelming. 

With some of the other scanners, there are more features than you could use, which means that they aren’t built with average people in mind. The NT614, however, is perfect for Volkswagen drivers of all skill levels.