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Toyota OBD2 Scanner – Our Top 5 Picks and Review

When it comes to safe, reliable vehicles, Toyota is one of the most widely respected brands out there. Regardless of the model you get, you’re sure to enjoy years of service without any significant issues.

However, as great as Toyotas are, they are not infallible. All cars experience problems and setbacks from time to time, which means that you have to be prepared. Thus, getting the best OBD2 scanner for Toyota is an excellent choice for everyone, from casual owners to enthusiasts.

Today we’re going to look at the top scanner models that will help you keep your Toyota in tip-top shape.

Comparison Chart

TOP PICK!Autel maxidas ds808Toyota obd2 scanner – our top 5 picks and review 1. Autel Maxidas DS808
  • Rugged handheld tablet
  • Professional-grade apps and software
  • Real-time vehicle performance tracking
  • Check engine, oil, TPMS, and other internal systems
  • Total engine diagnostics
  • Wireless connection available
  • Professional-grade software
  • Repair manuals and forums online
Innova 3160gToyota obd2 scanner – our top 5 picks and review 3. Innova 3160g
  • Easy to use menu options
  • Portable handheld design
  • Large backlit screen
  • Reads and clears engine, oil, battery, ABS codes (and more)
Actron cp9690Toyota obd2 scanner – our top 5 picks and review 4. Actron CP9690
  • Compact, handheld design
  • Larger screen than other Actron models
  • Easy-to-use menu controls
  • Reset most dashboard lights
Icarsoft tytiiToyota obd2 scanner – our top 5 picks and review 5. iCarsoft TYTII
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Specific for Toyota models
  • Easy-to-use menu screen
  • Diagnostics for ECU systems

Our Recommendations For Toyota

1. Autel Maxidas DS808

Toyota obd2 scanner – our top 5 picks and reviewToyota obd2 scanner – our top 5 picks and review

When looking for the best OBD2 scanners, you can either choose a model that comes with a handheld device, or something that works with your smartphone and computer. If you want the latter, Autel is one of the best companies, thanks to their rugged tablet and proprietary apps.

Engine, Oil, TPMS, and More

Overall, the Maxidas DS808 is a professional-grade tool that offers a wide range of diagnostic tools. One of the best things about it is that you can check all of your car’s internal systems.

Although OBD2 scanners were initially meant for smog check and the check engine light, modern varieties like this one can also provide codes for your oil, tire pressure, airbags, and more. Best of all, you can reset the lights quickly and easily.

Live Scanning and ECU Monitoring

Newer cars all come with high-end computer systems that monitor everything going on underneath the hood. Fortunately, with the DS808, you can tap into that computer to see what it does, making diagnostics even better.

To ensure that your Toyota is operating well, you can scan the data in real-time and manage all of your engine’s systems, making this device even more beneficial.

  • Pros/cons overview

Overall, the apps on this tablet are easy to use, and we appreciate that it’s a professional-grade device. You can do a lot with this scanner, and we highly recommend it for both enthusiasts and casual Toyota owners.




Image Credits : TOAD 

If you don’t decide to get a handheld tablet or scanning device, then you can utilize a software-based approach, like this one. TOAD stands for Total Onboard Auto Diagnostics, and this is the ultimate OBD2 scanning tool.

ECU Tuning and Vehicle Performance

As we mentioned above, modern cars have onboard computers that monitor the health and well-being of your vehicle. While seeing the data it provides in real-time is useful, TOAD takes it a step further by allowing you to fine-tune the computer to improve your Toyota’s performance.

Lifetime Updates

One of the great things about having a Toyota is that almost all OBD2 scanners are compatible with each make and model. However, as new versions come out, your tool may become obsolete.

Fortunately, that’s not a problem with TOAD, since you’ll be updated automatically for life. Whenever new Toyotas come out, you’ll have all of the obd2 codes, meaning that this scanner will always be compatible.

  • Pros/cons overview

TOAD is our favorite software-based application, and it offers so many diagnostic tools that you may not use them all. We also appreciate that you get access to all sorts of repair manuals, which allow you to keep your car in shape without having to take it to the mechanic all the time.


3. Innova 3160g

Toyota obd2 scanner – our top 5 picks and reviewToyota obd2 scanner – our top 5 picks and review

Standard OBD2 scanners are small, handheld units that essentially act as code readers. Innova makes some of the best of these models, although the 3160g is the top of their lineup.

Compact Handheld Unit

For the most part, having a smaller OBD2 scanner is beneficial because you can keep it handy at all times. You may even decide to put it in your car’s glove compartment so that it’s always there, just in case.

Engine, Oil, and Battery Light Reset

While finding codes for the check engine light is imperative, we appreciate that this scanner will allow you to monitor other vehicle systems, like your battery or airbags. Overall, this is a complete diagnostic tool.

  • Pros/cons overview

Innova makes some of the best “standard” OBD2 scanners, and this particular unit is our favorite. Not only does it offer code reading and resetting for all internal systems, but you can monitor and track performance data in real time as well.


4. Actron CP9690

Toyota obd2 scanner – our top 5 picks and reviewToyota obd2 scanner – our top 5 picks and review

Like Innova, Actron is a company that specializes in making handheld OBD2 scanners. However, these models are usually code readers and nothing more, although the CP9690 is the full-service version that they offer.

Graph Live Engine Data

When you compare this scanner to the others in Actron’s lineup, you’ll notice that the screen is a lot bigger. The reason for this is that you have to be able to see live-streaming of your car’s performance data. Fortunately, the system also allows you to graph it so that it’s easier to read.

Engine, Battery, Oil Light Reset

Like with most modern OBD2 scanners, you can monitor and reset codes and lights for a variety of internal systems. Also, because Toyota is ubiquitous, you shouldn’t have any problem finding your make and model.

  • Pros/cons overview

If you’re going to get a handheld scanner, this is an excellent choice. We like that it comes with live scanning features and that it’s easy to use. It may not be professional-grade, but it’s more than sufficient for most owners.


We regret to inform you that this product is currently unavailable. However, the good news is that there is a newer version of this product that has almost similar features. This newer model - Actron CP9695 -comes with additional useful features such as larger screen and a USB cable access. The device has a faster processor as compared to the Actron CP9690 Elite.

5. iCarsoft TYTII

Toyota obd2 scanner – our top 5 picks and reviewToyota obd2 scanner – our top 5 picks and review

As we mentioned, most OBD2 scanners have Toyota models included because the brand is so widespread. However, this particular model is designed specifically for Toyota cars, including Lexus, Scion, and Isuzu.

Full ECU Diagnosis

This compact and handheld scanner allows you to tap into your vehicle’s onboard computer, which enables you to monitor everything quickly and easily.

Although you can’t fine-tune your ECU’s performance, you can graph data in real-time and get a more comprehensive picture of what’s going on underneath the hood.

Engine, Transmission, Battery Codes (and More)

Resetting all of your Toyota’s codes are a breeze with this device. From the ECU, you can check on all sorts of internal systems, including the battery, transmission, and all of the check engine codes.

  • Pros/cons overview

Because this device is made for Toyota models, it’s much easier to navigate through the menu screens. Some generic OBD2 scanners have dozens of brands on hand, which can be a little overwhelming.

We also like that this connects directly to the car’s ECU, making it easier to diagnose any problems or potential issues you may experience.



Overall, if you want a high-quality OBD2 scanner for your Toyota, we highly recommend the Autel Maxidas DS808. This tablet comes with a lot of pro-grade apps that will help you get the most out of your car.

If you prefer software-based programs, however, then TOAD is the best option. Although it doesn’t check other internal systems, it has so many features that you can’t go wrong.