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Launch X431 PRO Review – For Professionals Only

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Review Of: Launch X431

Quality of Build

Product Type: Handheld unit

Value For Money

Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Ease of Use

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

If you repair vehicles frequently, then this is the tool to have! It makes the process much quicker by letting you know what the issue is, making it easier to locate the problem part. As a result, you can spend less time searching for the source of an issue, and more time fixing it. For those who prefer to fix their own vehicles when possible, it can also be a money-saver!


Launch X431 Review


Look and Feel

This is one of the best-looking scanners on the market. It has a retro yet futuristic look.

It has a tablet-like look to it which will be beneficial if you are used to working on a table.

It also has a touchscreen which is intuitive to use.

The scanner uses Android technology, so if you have experience with an Android device, then you will feel comfortable using this one.

The device uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect to your vehicle’s system and the outside world.

You also have a rechargeable battery which can be charged overnight to give you up to seven hours of battery life.


Having Wi-Fi is a great addition. You can store the data in the file manager and then send it as an email attachment.

This is great for analyzing the data on your home computer or another smart device.

This is one of the fastest scanners on the market.

If you are using this scanner for your personal vehicle, then you are not going to be left frustrated while you are waiting for the data to be presented, and if you are a professional, then you are going to save more time and make more money when you are servicing a fleet of vehicles.

You are able to diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently and get started on the fix.

This scanner can be used in a variety of languages. It is easy to choose the language when you first switch on the scanner.

The multilingual functionality also translates everything for you.

Not only are you going to have the codes translated into information which makes sense to you, but you will also get the descriptions in your language.

This device is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. You can use this device with almost any European, Asian, and US cars.

It is also compatible with Indian cars, which most scanners are lacking.


The large 8-inch screen helps you to see exactly what is going on with your vehicle and presents the data in a  way which is information rich without being overwhelming.

You also have touchscreen capabilities which take away any confusion from navigation.

Being able to manipulate the data by touching the screen is immediately more intuitive than using buttons to navigate.

The Wi-Fi capability makes this scanner great for diagnosis and repairing new cars.

The lightning-fast data speeds also make this a scanner which is going to pay for itself and the continue to generate income for you.

As you are able to work on a wide range of vehicles and diagnose them quickly, you will be able to repair a wide range of cars and repair them quickly.

The time you save is going to allow you to repair cars faster than ever before.

The portability of this device is great if you are working on a large number of vehicles.

The device is small enough to be carried in your pocket. This means that you can diagnose one car, place the device in your pocket, and move onto the next one.

The real benefit of this is that you can always carry this device with you and be sure that you have it should you need it.


This is a high-end tool and has a price tag to match that. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, combined with a touchscreen and lightning-quick speeds, you really are getting what you pay for.

For a professional, the cost will soon be made back in money and time saved with repairs, but an individual may find that it is not worth the cost to diagnose and repair a single car.


Is Launch x431 Any Good?
Yes, Launch is a popular and reliable brand that can give you consistent results. It is hard to find any bad reviews about this product. We are confident that it will satisfy any diagnostic problem you might encounter. You can check out our Launch scanners’ in-depth review for more information about the brand.

Who Makes Launch Scanners?
Launch Tech is the maker of Launch scanners. They also manufacture and have been operating in diagnostic industries since 1992. Their headquarters are located in Uk, however, they have also a US office in California. 

Launch X431 PRO Review – For Professionals Only

Manufacturer’s site: www.launchtech.co.uk
User’s manual: Click Here


This is a device which is geared towards professionals. The fast speeds will be welcomed by anyone, but they are especially important when time is money.

As soon as you connect this device to a vehicle’s system, you are going to receive a lot of data.

This can be overwhelming for those who do not have experience with vehicles, but for someone who is in that line of work, the information is going to give you all you need to repair vehicle after vehicle.

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