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Launch X431 PRO Review – For Professionals Only

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Review of: Launch X431

Product Type: Handheld Unit

Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

Value For Money

Ease of Use

What We Like

  • Speeds up the repair process
  • Great for professionals
  • Easy updating

What We Don't Like

  • Trouble connecting to some computers
  • Expensive
  • Lost memory

If you repair vehicles frequently, then this is the tool to have! It makes the process much quicker by letting you know what the issue is, making it easier to locate the problem part. As a result, you can spend less time searching for the source of an issue, and more time fixing it. For those who prefer to fix their own vehicles when possible, it can also be a money-saver!

Launch x431

Launch X431 Review

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Launch x431 reviewLaunch x431 pro review – for professionals only



This is a device which is geared towards professionals. The fast speeds will be welcomed by anyone, but they are especially important when time is money.

As soon as you connect this device to a vehicle’s system, you are going to receive a lot of data.

This can be overwhelming for those who do not have experience with vehicles, but for someone who is in that line of work, the information is going to give you all you need to repair vehicle after vehicle.

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