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LAUNCH CRP Touch Pro – Best Review Guide

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Review Of: LAUNCH CRP Touch Pro

Quality of Build

Product Type: Handheld Unit

Value For Money

Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Ease of Use

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

This review of the LAUNCH CRP Touch Pro scanner gives you all the information you need to make an informed choice in a car scanner. There is a lot of scanner information out there, but we have taken the key features and functions so that you get all of the relevant details without the disinformation. We cover the important points and get rid of the fluff. By the time you get to our summary, you will know if this product is right for you.

LAUNCH CRP Touch Pro - Our review

LAUNCH CRP Touch Pro Review


Product Overview

This is a powerful tool which can help you diagnose many codes, clear them, and fix them. This device can be used on almost any vehicle after 1996. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find a vehicle which it cannot diagnose. When it comes to diagnosing problems, this scanner gives you more detail and tools than others. Not only can you diagnose the problem, but you can connect via Wi-Fi to find relevant fixes.

With a large touchscreen and graphical display, this device wields a lot of power but gives it to you in a way which you can understand. This is for users who want to fix their own vehicles and not just diagnose them.

Who is This Product For?

This scanner will set you back a few hundred dollars. If you are looking for a scanner which will help you to turn off the check engine light, then this is not the scanner for you. If you want to know the ins and outs of your vehicle and be able to fix the problems by yourself, then this powerful tool will help you to do that.

What’s Included

Out of the box, you have the scanner itself, a detailed instruction manual which has everything you need to get your scanner up and running, a nylon carrying case to protect the device, a diagnostic cable, a USB cable, and a power adaptor. You have software pre-loaded on the device and can easily update that software through a Wi-Fi connection.

Overview of Features

This scanner will diagnose your entire system. You can work on all parts of your electronic systems to read and clear codes, taking advantage of live data. The electronic engine control system can enhance your vehicle performance, save energy, reduce emissions, and control everything else. The device requires an investment, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

There are a lot of useful reset functions which you get with this device. You can reset and turn off the oil service light, reset the SAS, reset the temperature in the exhaust, record the battery status, and reset the electronic parking brake.

Along with resetting the electronic parking brake, you can also deactivate and activate the system, bleed the brake fluid, open and close the brake pads, and set the brakes.

This device gives you almost worldwide coverage. Vehicles in North America, Asia, and Europe are supported. We also like the Wi-Fi connection which allows you to update the software and have access to the latest bug fixes. With a one-click update, you can update your system easily.

LAUNCH CRP Touch Pro Image

Manual : Click Here


This is a powerful tool. If you have the money to purchase it, then we would recommend that you do but only if you are going to use the power of the device. This would be a great device for anyone running a shop who needs to diagnose and repair multiple vehicles. If you have mechanical knowledge, then you can use this device to help you repair your own vehicle and save more money than the scanner costs. If you are only doing basic checks, then this device is overkill, and you are paying too much. The functionality of this device is well above most on the market.

1 thought on “LAUNCH CRP Touch Pro – Best Review Guide”

  1. Thank you for sharing this review. We currently own the Launch CReader VIII Scan Tool. Recently we discovered that this tool was unable to troubleshoot a particular problem on a vehicle. We borrowed a friend’s CRP129X Scan Tool to complete the task. So now we are in the market for an upgrade and have been searching the web for an affordable Launch OBD II scan tool as an upgrade to our CReader VIII.
    We looked at the X431 V+ Pro and the X431 Mini Pro. These two (2) may be the same tool. The Chinese, in their online advertisements, have described their scan tools in so many ways that it confuses potential customers/buyers. Additionally, it’s difficult to assess the progressive release of their models (by year), from the earliest to the most recent ( and advanced). Because of this we have been back and fort with Launch Tech (and their many points of contact) seeking verification of these releases. Another thing that we are looking into is which Model requires an annual fee to update firmware and software and which does not. We would prefer not to have to pay an annual fee but get close as possible to cutting edge OBD II Scan technology at a reasonable price.
    So far we think that we have ascertained that the CRP Touch Pro-OBDII Scanner was released after the CRP129X but before the CRP909. We are trying to find out whether there were any other releases after the CRP129X other than the CRP Touch Pro. Can you assist us with this? Is there an annual fee to update the CRP909 Series Scanners?
    Thanks again for sharing this Review and we hope that you’ll be able to shed some light on the shady areas of our search.


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