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Konnwei Scanners -IN DEPTH REVIEW(2022)

When on the lookout for a good quality, affordable and reliable car codescanner, Konnwei brand is guaranteed to grab your attention. Founded in2008, Konnwei is a reliable brand and a bestseller in the industry.Widely known for its battery testing, recharging and repairingcapabilities, these futuristic scanners are all about affordable price andhigh quality.

Our take on Konnwei Units

It can be quite overwhelming while deciding which Konnwei scanner tobuy as they all might seem the same in the beginning. So, we decided tocheck out some of their best scanners and here is our in-depth review onthem.

1. Konnwei KW850

The Konnwei KW850 is a quality OBD scan tool that displays fault code definition automatically when connected to a car’s diagnostic port. It works accurately on petrol and diesel passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks. This professional vehicle diagnostic tool can read and erase DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) quickly and efficiently, as well as function like an optimal battery tester.

The built in look-up library equipped with generic code definitions allows the user to accurately identify the root cause behind switching ON of the check engine light. Besides, it also assists the user to pass annual emission tests and smog checks. Some add-on features include memory backup for data review and analysis, textual display of vehicle real-time sensor data, and graphical display of four sets of real-time data. This gives the tool an edge over other scanners floating in the market which only display a single set of data.

What we love about the scanner is that it can access manufacturer specific diagnostic codes and the definitions provided are of better quality when compared to the same priced scanners. The Konnwei KW850 code reader covers all OBD2 diagnostic functions for an engine system such as O2 sensor test, Enhanced Evaporative(EVAP) systems test, and on-board monitoring test. The graphical and numeric live data stream display helps the user to find out the faulty sensor readings.

Other unique key features of the gadget include the ability to provide VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and CID (Calibration Identification) to the user.

Save time and money with this all-rounder high functioning scanner that is tailor made for serving both basic and professional needs. Gain the advantage of determining the cause of engine trouble codes and make the right repairs with the Konnwei KW850.

Konnwei Scanners -IN DEPTH REVIEW(2022)

2. Konnwei KW600

This next generation high performing scanner can provide precise data and analyse battery health status in a matter of seconds. With a wide variety of support for unique tests such as battery voltage test,  battery health test, data storage, cranking test, ripple analysis, etc; this is an advanced gadget from the trustworthy Konnwei brand.

With an accelerated performance speed, the Konnwei KW600 comes equipped with a sufficient memory backup facility. Whether you need to know if your vehicle batteries are performing well or need a replacement, this scanner has the right kind of evaluation for you with five different in-built tests. What we especially love about the Konnwei KW600 is the life-time free upgrade service.  Besides its low price, the ease of usability is a prime reason behind the  popularity of this device. Count on the on-board diagnostic scanner for providing reliable accurate results within seconds, thanks to it’s high precision amplifier.

If all the above listed features fail to impress you, then you are bound to pick this scanner when we tell you that the KW600 auto battery tester can not only record the waveform data and store the latest results; but also allows you to review the testing data. Also, it enables uploading the data to a computer for storage or print. Need we say more?

Konnwei Scanners -IN DEPTH REVIEW(2022)

3. Konnwei KW206

Say hello to this all purpose on-board diagnostic scanner that supports all OBD2 compliant vehicles. It works smoothly on both gasoline and diesel cars. It can display instantaneous as well as average fuel consumption. It also supports vehicle key data alarm function. The in-built special functions can display key data points of a vehicle such as oil temperature, oil pressure and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) temperature.

What we love about this scanner is that it has been elegantly designed keeping in mind today’s modernistic times – bright color coded LED indicators and built-in speakers – making it visually appealing as well as having the desired audible effect. The Konnwei KW206 can easily determine the cause of the Check Engine Light(MIL) as well as retrieve generic, manufacturer specific codes and pending codes quickly and accurately.

The device supports all 10 OBD2 test modes providing a complete end-to-end diagnosis. It also comes equipped with the unique patented one-click Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Readiness key, Thin Film Transistor (TFT) color display, built-in speaker, and real time battery voltage monitoring. It comes with a Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) look-up library that can display detailed definitions of the codes.

If you are looking for a troubleshooter code tip guide that will lead you to the root cause of a malfunction faster, saving diagnosis and repair time; then this scanner is the right pick for you. This smart gadget is updateable and upgradeable via the internet.

Konnwei Scanners -IN DEPTH REVIEW(2022)

4. Konnwei KW650

If you are looking for an affordable On-Board Diagnostic(OBD) scanner that can perform an accurate battery life analysis in mere milliseconds, then this is the right pick for you. This simple and easy to use device  supports a wide test range of 6V/12V batteries.

The state-of-art conductance testing technology of the Konnwei KW650 measures the actual cold cranking amps capability of the vehicle’s starting battery, battery’s health, and common fault of the vehicle starting system and charging system. This helps maintenance personnel identify the root cause of any problem. The scanner helps to achieve quick vehicle repair.

What we love about the versatile gadget is the ability to perform a wide range of car battery tests such as battery charging test, resistance test, cranking test, data voltage test, load test, etc. The silicone buttons on the scanner lend a high durability and skin friendly feel to the design.

Besides all the aforementioned attractive features, the scanner comes equipped with a one-click lifetime free update. All test results are stored on the device that can be reviewed later and also replayed for an in-depth analysis of the vehicle.

Konnwei Scanners -IN DEPTH REVIEW(2022)

5. Konnwei KW818

For a scanner requirement supporting total diagnostics of 10 OBD2 test modes on all OBD II compliant vehicles, the Konnwei KW818 is the right fit. This powerful device doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, with its affordable price, rather puts money back in your pocket by avoiding expensive garage trips.

The Konnwei KW818 can clear Check Engine Light(CEL) from a wide range of vehicles and supports protection from over-voltage. The added advantages of the scanner are the unique patented one-click Inspection/Maintenance (I/M) readiness key and  real time battery voltage monitoring.

This device has been designed keeping average car owners in mind, who perform basic self-diagnostic repairs. Carry out oxygen sensor tests with ease and efficiency with the Konnwei KW818. What we love about the gadget is that it has all-inclusive coverage and updatable software, enabling an user to scan future makes and models.

This value for money tool can read and display live powertrain control(PCM) data stream, live sensor readings and display it in graphical mode. This comprehensive instrument can also retrieve crucial vehicle information such as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Calibration Verification Number (CVN).

Konnwei Scanners -IN DEPTH REVIEW(2022)

6. Konnwei KW680

The Konnwei KW680 is the perfect companion for home users and backyard mechanics, alike. This fully functional OBD2 diagnostic tool supports all 10 OBD2 test modes on any OBD2 compliant vehicle. It can retrieve generic and manufacturer specific codes as well as identify pending codes efficiently.

Whether a user is looking for a simple tool that can clear codes and reset monitors or retrieve important vehicle information such as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Calibration Verification Number (CVN), this all-rounder gadget does it all. It can display Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Readiness status as well as live O2 sensor test data.

What we love about the Konnwei KW680, is that it comes equipped with an advanced memory and battery backup for off-vehicle data review and analysis. This helps a professional person perform self-diagnosis with ease. The  sensor data can be viewed in both text and graphical mode. This scanner also comes with a multilingual support.

Besides being an economic and ergonomic tool, it also has a built-in OBD-II DTC lookup library. The large easy-to-read backlit LCD screen makes it a user friendly and helpful tool.

Konnwei Scanners -IN DEPTH REVIEW(2022)

7. Konnwei KW830

For a quick and efficient determination of the cause of the Check Engine Light (MIL), the Konnwei KW830 is your go-to tool. As long as your vehicle is OBD2 compliant and has the OBDII 16 pin Diagnostic Port, the scanner is going to be a compatible fit for it. It is a total OBDII diagnostic functioning scanner, equipped with 10 OBD2 test modes.

The colorful screen and  large easy-to-read backlit LCD screen make self-diagnosing easy. This scanner comes with an added advantage of  lifetime free update guarantee.  A user can download the update software from the official website and complete an upgrade with just a few clicks. The code reader encompasses all important OBD2 diagnostic functions such as O2 sensor test, Enhanced Evaporative(EVAP) systems test, and on-board monitoring test.

What we love about the dynamic scanner is that it can easily retrieve vehicle information, such as momentum, vehicle speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature, engine load, intake manifold pressure, throttle position and air intake temperature, etc.  You can also scan live data and read freeze frame data with the scanner’s inbuilt functions.

This multilingual budget friendly scanner can read, store & play back live sensor data. Forget about worrying over lost test data with the memory  and battery backup on the device for an off-vehicle data review and analysis.

Konnwei Scanners -IN DEPTH REVIEW(2022)

8. Konnwei KW860

The bestseller amongst all Konnwei scanners, the Konnwei KW860 is a steal for its price. This scanner boasts of its user-friendly features catering to the needs of a beginner level vehicle enthusiast. Get rid of unnecessary and expensive garage trips by obtaining the real time status of your vehicle; and save valuable time and money!

This portable fully operational scanner(supports 10 OBD2 test modes) comes equipped with a  diagnostic cable of 4.7 feet length. This allows a user to perform a professional diagnostics both in and out of the vehicle. The large LCD display and four logical buttons make operating the scanner easy. There is no need for any external battery as the device draws power from the vehicle, when connected.

This efficient tool can read and display live power-train control(PCM) data streams in both text and graph format. The user can perform essential  oxygen sensor(O2) and evaporative control system tests manually with this gadget.

This all purpose technically advanced tool can accurately measure the values of various crucial parameters when the engine is running, which is very helpful for maintenance services. What’s more is that it can also read the frame number and engine verification number for a vehicle. Now that is true value for money!

Konnwei Scanners -IN DEPTH REVIEW(2022)