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9 Best Innova Scanners In 2022 – The Complete Guide

Innova prides itself as America’s #1 diagnostic tool brand with various models from Innova 3040c to Innova 5160 Pro.  

Founded in 2003, Innova boasts more than 15 years of experience as designer, manufacturer, and supplier of innovative diagnostic tools. Its headquarters in Irvine, California is the birthplace of all its products. Manufacturing occurs in China while distribution is done through Innova’s US and Canadian centers.

Today we’re checking out 9 of the brands’ best scanners, including Innova 5160 Pro. We’re evaluating them for ease of use, compatibility, and value for money.

Our Take On Their Units

Below are some of our favorite models from Innova. The right choice for you will depend on your needs, so be sure to consider all our recommendations.

1. Innova 3040RS

The Innova 3040RS is a handheld diagnostic tool that is compatible with all vehicles that are OBDII compliant. Using a hardwired connection, it plugs into the OBDII port on your car with its 12-inch cable. Diagnostic information is relayed to the 2.8-inch screen in simple terms rather than needing to be decoded.

It can analyze and erase errors with the engine, battery, and even ABS systems on some newer models. With a paid subscription to RepairSolutions, it can even recommend DIY fixes. This functionality, along with software and lifetime firmware update support makes it a premium model to consider for common diagnostic needs.

Unfortunately, this model does not support SRS (airbag) testing, meaning that you’ll need an additional device to totally ensure your car is safely functioning.

It would be best for someone looking to maintain their own car thanks to premium features like Repair Solutions that can help save money on garage visits with simple fixes.

Innova Scanners

2. Innova 3100RS

Innova’s 3100RS base model is a wired scanner and code reader that works on vehicles made after 1996 that are OBDII compliant. Its LED display will allow you to quickly diagnose a check engine light’s cause in just a few seconds and erase it just as quickly. The 3100RS also supports ABS codes and SRS codes for most GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda vehicles, making it a comprehensive all-in-one diagnostic package for DIYers and pros alike. The scanner is also internet-ready, allowing it to be updated and also access RepairSolutions for home repairs.

A downside of this model is that is doesn’t offer Bluetooth compatibility, so you’ll be tethered by a 12-inch cable to your OBDII port. It also doesn’t have expansive ABS/SRS code support, making it better for American cars like GM, Ford, Toyota, and others that it supports. In the full review you will find answers to questions like how to reset Innova 3100RS, and more.

Innova 3100RS

3. Innova 3100j

An updated 3100 model with a slimmer body and brighter screen, the Innova 3100j can also scan, read, and erase codes from the engine of any OBDII compliant vehicle in just a few seconds. The readings are presented on a bright screen measuring about 2.8” – enough for it to clearly display ABS and SRS diagnostics in supported American vehicles.

You’re also able to check your emissions, evaluate your battery levels, test the alternator, and more with this single device. This allows you to perform comprehensive tests on a wide array of cars, trucks, and more, making it great for advanced users.

Unfortunately, this model needs to be plugged into the OBDII port on your car to function, so you’ll need to stay put when diagnosing.

Currently, it is not available, but you can check the newer model Innova 3100RS with the same features.

9 Best Innova Scanners In 2022 – The Complete Guide

4. Innova 3120

For those who may have an older car or truck, you’ll want to consider Innova’s 3120 diagnostic tool. Unlike some of the lower-end models, this device works with both OBD1 and OBD2compliant vehicles thanks to the included adapters, allowing it to work on most vehicles from 1981 to present day. It takes 20 pieces of information from your engine, transmission, ABS system, and battery and displays it on an all-in-one LED display to make a comprehensive analysis easy to run and decipher without looking up obd2 codes.

Despite the addition of ODB1 compatibility, the 3120 model sacrifices SRS (airbag systems) support. It also has to be plugged in manually due to a lack of Bluetooth capability, so you’ll have to check it after repairs are completed. Thankfully it updates every 30 seconds, so you’ll know right away if you’ve solved the problem.

If you have an ODB1-compliant car, this is a solid choice for frequent DIYers. Just be sure to test your SRS with another device to be safe!

9 Best Innova Scanners In 2022 – The Complete Guide

5. Innova 3130

When it comes to diagnosing and addressing problems with your vehicle, the more information you have the better. With the Innova 3130, you’ll get more information for your OBDII-compliant car or truck thanks to its advanced scan functions.

In addition to standard engine and computer scanning, the 3130 can give you live data streamed to your display, allowing you to immediately check to see if your problems are fixed. It also can record, graph, and playback and malfunctions for you to diagnose without needing to recreate the problem. You can also plug it into your PC to better analyze any problems, get help from others, and more.

The drawbacks of this model are that it doesn’t work on ODB1 vehicles or support ABS or SRS, making it more of a specialized tool for advanced engine diagnosing. Therefore, it’s best for small shops and hardcore DIYers who want a specialized engine tool.

Currently, it is not available, but you can check the Innova 3130RS with the same features.

9 Best Innova Scanners In 2022 – The Complete Guide

6. Innova 3150RS

The 3150RS works on most ODB-compliant cars and trucks, allowing for quick diagnostic information to be relayed to the bright display screen where it will provide defined codes from your engine, ABS, or SRS systems. It’ll scan over 20 points of your car every 30 seconds to give up to date information as you work on fixing the problem. The SRS and ABS diagnostics work on most GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda models that were built post-1996.

While the SRS and ABS support is an upgrade, this model loses the advanced engine scanning function of the 3130 and 3140 and doesn’t support ODB1 cars and trucks, limiting its potential use.

With an array of tools for diagnosing multiple parts of your vehicle, the 3150 can be a high-quality starting set thanks to its informative display or a solid professional piece for general scans.

Innova 3150RS

7. Innova 3160g

Are you sick of having to leave your scanner while you work on the car, only to have to return to find out if your fix worked? The 3160g can help.

While other models need to be plugged into the OBDII port on your car, the 3160g uses a Bluetooth adapter to allow for free movement around the car while still receiving live updates through the display. This means that you’ll see the results of any fixes right away, and you don’t have to get up and hop back into the driver seat each time.

The Innova 3160g has a screen that is 25% larger than most competitors at 3.5”, making it easier to read all the diagnostic information you’ll receive. It also offers the advanced engine diagnostic tools that allow for recording and playback of data while still supporting your ABS and SRS systems

The primary drawback of the device is that it doesn’t support ODB1 vehicles, so be sure your car or truck will work with it first.

At its price range and with its suite of features and tools, this is likely a professional car dealer or repair shop’s tool, though even new users would likely love its functionality and convenience.

9 Best Innova Scanners In 2022 – The Complete Guide

8. Innova 5160 Pro

As one of the very best the brand has to offer, Innova 5160 Pro is sure to draw your attention. It has a bright 3.5” screen to make it easier to read the collection of information the scanner provides. It can scan and graph 4 different parameters at a time on the screen so that it’s easier to analyze how the car as a whole is working together. In addition, it supports the engine, ABS, SRS, powertrain, and transmission along with providing newer benefits such as steering angle reset.

The Innova 5160 Pro is a high-end scanning and diagnostic tool that does a ton of valuable tests on your car to keep it running, making it a professional tool for certain. Consider it if you want one of the very best Innova offers.

9 Best Innova Scanners In 2022 – The Complete Guide

9. Innova 7100P

A highly advanced diagnostic scanner, the Innova 7100P is designed to suit the needs of both the technically advanced car professional as well as a newbie DIYer. Other than supporting all basic 10 modes of OBD2 test, Innova 7100P can also be used to check the performance of a vehicle’s battery system or alternator system (if it’s a hybrid car). 

Innova 7100P comes equipped with the basic OBD2 functions of reading and clearing fault codes, reading live data stream, O2 sensor test, Enhanced Evaporative (EVAP) system test, Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) readiness, and component test. You can read and clear check engine lights on not only any foreign or domestic 1996 and newer OBD2 car, but also SUVs and even Hybrids, with just the push of button! With the Innova 7100P a user can check the severity of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). The tool makes it easy to read and erase trouble codes on Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) control units and Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) (Airbag) and transmission systems.

The processes of resetting the battery maintenance light, oil light reset and battery registration, are a breeze with Innova 7100P’s inbuilt features. Some advanced operations that can be performed with Innova 7100P are diagnosis of engine system, live data and data logging, Enhanced Evaporative(EVAP) system test and perform drive cycle procedures. With the single press of the hotkey on Innova 7100P, you can directly enter into the live data interface to check the performance of sensors in engine, ABS, and Airbags systems. This live data can be customized, recorded and played back for the most accurate diagnosis.

What we love about this scanner are the unique key features of code severity alert, smog check and trip cycle procedures. Code Severity Alert can quickly identify if the vehicle needs an immediate fix or can be fixed at home in a while. What’s more is that this highly useful tool comes with a 12-month guarantee.

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Innova 7100P