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iCarsoft Scanner (In-Depth Review 2022)

When it comes to OBD2 scanners, iCarsoft is a well-known brand. With offices and manufacturing centers all over the globe, you can find iCarsoft on every continent.

The company specializes in a wide variety of scanners for both consumers and businesses. They provide devices that read codes for most major foreign and domestic models, including Mercedes, Jaguar, Toyota, and GM to name a few.

Overall, iCarsoft is heavily focused on R&D to serve their customers better, which is why the brand has so many different quality options. Here are seven of the top iCarsoft scanners for 2021.

Our Take On Their Units

1. iCarsoft LR II

This scanner is unique because it’s only designed for Land Rover and Jaguar makes and models.

For the most part, having a specialized device that’s built to read only your brand of vehicle is better than a generic one because you’re sure to have all of the right codes, as well as save time searching for the correct make and model.

This scanner comes with a large screen and intuitive menu controls. In addition to the standard check engine light, it can monitor your car’s airbag and brake systems. The LR II can also connect to your vehicle’s ECU for more comprehensive diagnostic options.

iCarsoft LR IIiCarsoft Scanner (In-Depth Review 2022)

2. iCarsoft CR Plus Scanner

Unlike the LR II, this iCarsoft scanner is built to be a universal OBD2 scanner. Thus, it contains the codes for most of the major brands out there. The manufacturer codes installed include P1, P3, and U1 codes, so you should be able to find the right one for your specific car.

The CR Plus monitors four internal systems: the engine, transmission, airbags, and brakes.

As with most iCarsoft scanners, it has a large backlit screen and easy to use controls. This particular model is larger than most other OBD2 scanners, so it’s much easier to read the data and see what’s going on.

iCarsoft CR Plus ScanneriCarsoft Scanner (In-Depth Review 2022)

3. iCarsoft Scanner Model i900

One thing that sets iCarsoft apart from other scanners is that the company makes a lot of vehicle-specific devices. In this case, the i900 is made for all GM cars and trucks.

Thus, if you have a GM vehicle, you’ll appreciate the speed and reliability of this scanner.

 The i900 is one of the more compact versions that iCarsoft has to offer, meaning that you can keep it in the car if you like. It’s also a “standard” OBD2 reader, which means that it only reads the engine codes. That being said, it also offers live streaming to make it easier to monitor your vehicle’s overall health.iCarsoft Scanner Model i900iCarsoft Scanner (In-Depth Review 2022)

4. iCarsoft i903

If you have a Nissan, Infinity, or Subaru model, then this scanner is going to help you out. The i903 is also considered a “code reader,” meaning that it doesn’t offer more comprehensive diagnostics beyond telling you the code for your check engine light.

This particular model is one of the most basic units that iCarsoft has to offer, which makes it both fast and easy to use, provided that you already know what each code means.

If you’re hoping for a scanner that will explain what’s wrong with your car, you’ll want something more versatile, like the CR Plus.

iCarsoft i903

5. iCarsoft Scanner Model POR-II

Getting back to the large handheld design, the POR II is made for Porsche vehicles only. That being said, it should be suitable for all models, whether you have a sporty coupe or a truck from the high-end brand. Also, because it’s built for such a luxury manufacturer, the scanner itself is more expensive than other models.

The POR II can check the engine light, as well as monitor and reset your oil light. It can diagnose issues with your brakes and airbags, tapping into your vehicle’s ECU for better performance.

Overall, if you have a Porsche, then this scanner can help you maintain your car without paying high mechanic prices.

iCarsoft Scanner Model POR-IIiCarsoft Scanner (In-Depth Review 2022)

6. iCarsoft MB V2.0

In case you haven’t noticed, iCarsoft scanners with an acronym are related to a particular brand. The LR II was Land Rover (and Jaguar), and the POR II was Porsche. In this case, MB stands for Mercedes Benz. However, this scanner only works on models built after 2000, so if you have a classic version, you’ll need to buy a different device.

This scanner connects to your car’s ECU, which gives it access to a vast array of systems. Not all makes are supported, but if yours is, then you can check on everything from the engine to the brakes to the air conditioner.

The scanner will automatically diagnose each system, so it’s easy to discover what’s included with your particular vehicle.

iCarsoft MB V2.0iCarsoft Scanner (In-Depth Review 2022)

7. iCarsoft Scanner Model TYTII

Considering that Toyota is one of the most widely bought car manufacturers in the world, this scanning tool is one of the most valuable we’ve seen. The TYT II is made for all Toyota brands, including Scion, Lexus, and Isuzu.

More modern versions will offer better diagnostics, including airbags, brakes, and transmission.

This device connects to your car’s ECU, and it offers live streaming of the data for better understanding of what’s happening under the hood. This scanner also has iCarsoft’s signature large screen.

iCarsoft Scanner Model TYTIIiCarsoft Scanner (In-Depth Review 2022)