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Foxwell NT644 Elite Review

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Review of: Foxwell NT644 Elite

Product Type: Handheld Unit

Reviewed by:Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

Value For Money

Ease of Use

What We Like

  • Intuitive interface and easy navigation.
  • 19 maintenance reset functions for common issues.
  • Great for beginners and professionals.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not compatible with Mac.
  • Slow system speed.

An all-in-one diagnostic solution, the NT644 Elite from Foxwell manages trouble codes from start to finish for over 60 vehicle manufacturers. This intuitive tool makes it easy to read, track, resolve and clear numerous diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs).

Through its easy-to-read interface and access to 19 maintenance reset features, the NT644 Elite gives at-home DIYers the confidence and support to tackle any car issue like a pro. Let’s dig into the N644’s inner workings and see why it might be the perfect fit for every car in the garage.

Foxwell NT644 Elite Review


The NT644 Elite is powerful enough for the professionals and intuitive enough for the enthusiastic beginner. The scanner facilitates the repair process, automating information retrieval and data-sorting tasks to make work fast and easy to understand. It may not be as fast as some more expensive models, but its adaptability and time-saving, practical operation ensure its long-term value.

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