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Foxwell NT624 Elite – Review

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Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

Value For Money

Ease of Use

What We Like

  • Wide compatibility
  • Easy to use
  • Standalone device

What We Don't Like

  • No programming
  • Premium price point
  • No support for coding functions

Are you looking to upgrade from a basic OBD2 scanner?

Are you a beginner mechanic who needs a device with great compatibility? 

The Foxwell NT624 Elite is what you need.

When you work with cars regularly, you know the advantage a good diagnostic scanner brings. Whether you’re checking what’s triggering the check engine light or you want to read live sensor data, the NT624 Elite will give you that support.

The Foxwell scanner comes with amazing features and functions. Certain features and functions you can only get from dealer level scanners. The scanner works on over 58 vehicle manufacturers, American, Asian and European.

We’re going to go in-depth with this scanner. At the end of this review article you’ll have the full knowledge of what this scanner can provide you.

Foxwell NT624 Elite Review

FOXWELL NT624 Elite Automotive Obd2 Scanner Check ABS SRS Engine Transmission SAS EPS HVAC Headlamp Code Reader, All Systems Diagnostic Scanner for All Cars with Oil Light EPB Service Reset
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Look and feel

The NT624 Elite OBD2 diagnostic scanner combines vehicle service coverage and detailed car scanning support into one sturdy and compact device.

It has an incredibly fast one-button auto-scan and can deliver comprehensive OBD2 functions with extra vehicle services to make diagnostics easier.

The scanner weighs two pounds and is the perfect hand-held scanner.

The back-lit color screen is easy to read and makes sorting through live data readings simple.

The buttons are responsive and have large icons. This will allow you to navigate the menu fast and intuitively.

The device has a one-click vehicle identification function. This will allow you to identify the VIN, year, make and model of the vehicle.

The device doesn’t require a battery. It draws power from the engine once connected to your car’s OBD port.

There is a memory card included for you to backup data for future.

If you’re going to work in a different language, the Foxwell NT624 Elite has 13 different language options.


The Foxwell NT624 Elite scanner’s connectivity will not give you an issue. The long cable doesn’t restrict you and you’ll comfortably run diagnostics from the front seats of your motor vehicle.

The OBD2 scanner comes with the necessary equipment to connect to the vehicle. All you have to do is connect the cable, that’s included with the scanner, to the OBD port (under the dashboard).

The device will activate itself and you can run the services of your choice.

No smartphone or PC is necessary to conduct the tests, however the memory card is removable and you can connect it to a computer if that’s your preference.


The Foxwell NT624 Elite scanner offers impressive diagnostics abilities. The scanner offers support for a range of systems tests that will help you figure out what’s triggering the check engine light. The possibilities are:

  • View freeze frame data.
  • Support for full OBD2 modes including an enhanced mode 6.
  • Access and read live sensor data streams.
  • Run emissions readiness checks.
  • Run engine systems checks and read ECU information to turn off the check engine light.
  • View all results on the clear, full color display.
  • Running full systems and transmission diagnostics.

The NT624 Elite scanner provides a wide range of maintenance services. This allows you to keep cars, SUVs, minivans and trucks in excellent condition. 

The functions included:

  • Anti-Lock Brake and Supplemental Restraint Systems tests.
  • ABS Bleeding.
  • Steering Angle Sensor Calibration.
  • Perform Oil Service Reset.
  • O2 monitor test.
  • Battery Registration.
  • Read and clear codes from a range of systems, including air conditioning, suspension, center lock and headlights.
  • Perform TPMS Reset.
  • EPB service to maintain your brake systems and activate or deactivate the brake control systems.

When you perform complex diagnostics, an easy to use operating system is something to look out for. The Foxwell NT624 Elite scan tool has an extremely intuitive interface. This will allow you to find the services you need ASAP.

The intuitive buttons on the scanner make for simple navigation. The clear and labeled hotkeys allows you to access the important functions in one click.

The full color screen makes complex live data easy to read. The large and bright icons make sure that everything given is clear.

The Foxwell NT624 Elite scanner supports 13 different languages. If English isn’t your first language, this scanner has the options.

The multilingual section covers:

  • English.
  • Thai.
  • Spanish.
  • French.
  • German.
  • Portuguese.
  • Swedish.
  • Hungarian.
  • Dutch.
  • Japanese.
  • Italian.
  • Russian and
  • Korean.

The variety of language will offer any user from any country to make full use of the scanner.

The NT624 OBD2 scanner provides a lifetime of free updates. The Foxwell will let you stay ahead of the current developments in diagnostics. Updating your scanner is simple and doesn’t require extra costs.

The vehicle compatibility of the Foxwell NT624 Elite scanner is the perfect choice.

The OBD2 scanner is compatible with OBD2 compliant vehicles from 1996 onwards. This scanner also supports models from over 50 different manufacturers.

The range of cars, SUVs, minivans and light duty trucks sold worldwide provides the functionality you need.

With non-domestic cars, the NT624 Elite scanner connects best with European cars from 2001 and Asian cars from 2003.

Some examples of vehicle compatibility:

  • Chrysler.
  • Ford.
  • GM.
  • Acura.
  • Honda.
  • Hyundai.
  • Kia.
  • BMW.
  • Volkswagen and more.

This standalone device doesn’t need a phone, tablet or other devices to run. You can share the devices with others without having to sync it to a new device or app.

The Foxwell NT624 Elite’s screen is large and clear. The screen measures 4.3 inches and has full color. You can read live data graphs with ease without having to struggle.


The Foxwell NT624 Elite is the perfect scanner for beginner mechanics. You can pass the scanner around to other machines without having to give up your phone. Not to mention, this scanner works with the majority of cars.

However, this scanner isn’t just for mechanics. You can use this scanner for home use as well. Yes, it may have a higher price point than other options but this scanner will make sure that you’ll have a tool to help diagnose any car you buy in the future.

Additionally, if you’re a DIY-er on a budget, this is the perfect tool for you too! This tool’s versatility is really the perfect option for anyone who’s interested in cars. 

If you own more than one car, this works for you too! See, versatile!

Calling all car enthusiasts, DIY-ers and mechanics! It’s time for an upgrade! The Foxwell NT624 Elite OBD2 scanner is the perfect tool for your car diagnostics needs!

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