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Foxwell GT60 Review

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Review of: Foxwell GT60

Product Type: Handheld Unit

Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

Value For Money

Ease of Use

What We Like

  • Makes repair process faster
  • Operates in multiple languages
  • Works for multiple brands

What We Don't Like

  • Must stay away from flammable vapors
  • Not as much storage space
  • Memory problems

Professional mechanics are often too busy to do full diagnostics on every vehicle. Even mechanics, don’t want to sit around and attempt to become one with the vehicle. Any tool that can help cut down that time vastly improves a mechanic’s day. OBD2 scanners are a great tool for mechanics and the Foxwell GT60 is one of the top brands. 

Foxwell GT60 Review

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Look and Feel

The Foxwell GT60 has a simple look to it. It’s for mechanics, it doesn’t need to be flashy. The bulkier build helps when working in a garage because of how anything can happen. It prevents the scanner from being damaged after small falls or something accidentally falling on it. The black color keeps it from looking too dirty especially when mechanics have oil stains on their hands. It’s also lightweight and has ridges on the side so it’s easy to hold with one hand. The screen is 7 inches across so you can easily see the readings on it without being too close. 


Each system comes with cords to connect directly to your vehicle’s computer. There are wifi capabilities for you to backup your scans from the tablet. You can also use the wifi ability to either save progress on a maintenance check or upgrade any new programs that your system may require.


The Foxwell GT60 inspects and runs diagnostics on over 18 service functions. It can check your sensors from the electrical system to the mechanics of the vehicle. If there’s an issue, your vehicle will let you know almost immediately. With the proper connection, your results can return in almost an instant. This allows you the opportunity to fix a problem before it becomes too big to fix. You can fix your vehicle with real-time data. If you need a longer time to fix an issue and do not want your tablet to move to another page, you can use the freeze frame function provided in every system. For easiest communication, there is a multi-language selector on the homepage so you can switch between languages while still working.

The digital aspects of your vehicle can also be repaired with the Foxwell GT60. There are many indicators on your vehicle that you can turn on and off. Steering angle sensor calibration can be fixed with the system. You can also reset lights for things like oil sensors. One of the most difficult things to test, your alignment, can now be handled with ease. The throttle alignment, that controls most of your vehicle’s acceleration, has a diagnostic setting. You can find and solve the issue with your throttle sensors.  These processes that would take long with multiple people and longer with one person can now be handled in minutes. 


The Foxwell GT60 is an amazing product for those getting into car maintenance and long-time professional mechanics. The simple setup and multiple special functions make learning new skills simple and perfecting old skills easy. With almost 20 different functions, almost any issue your vehicle may have will be diagnosed with a quick scan. It’s built for tough environments and can handle being in a mechanic shop of any size. This would be a great investment for anyone working on a car.

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