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Ford VCM 2 Review in 2022

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We regret to inform you that this product is currently unavailable. However, the good news is that there is a similar product that has compelling features and promising user reviews. The VXDIAG SVCI J2534 diagnostic tool is an all-in-one device that can read codes from all kinds of global vehicle manufacturers. The VXDIAG SVCI J2534 diagnostic interface supports SAE J1850, and can be used to read, write, and erase data from most OBDII compliant vehicles. It is compatible with all cars from 1996 to 2020 which have OBDII and CAN protocols.The VXDIAG SVCI J2534 comes with a variety of advantageous features. It doesn’t require any additional hardware to function. You just need to plug it into your PC or laptop and you are good to go. It also has the ability to read codes from various vehicle manufacturers – this means that even if you have a car from a different country, this device will still be able to diagnose it without an issue. The J2534 interface assists in quicker and better diagnosis, reducing the time spent in a garage or with a mechanic, and provides an overall better customer service. The VXDIAG SVCI J2534 is the first product on the market that provides access to all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) via a standardized interface. The VXDIAG SVCI J2534 Diagnostic Interface is a smart scan tool with both wired and wireless connectivity. It integrates with most of the car makers and supports SAE J1850 features. The J1850 standard defines protocols that are used for data communications between controllers and other components in vehicles. The gadget contains a library of diagnostic protocols for tens of thousands of different models from the most common manufacturers. The tool can be used for both pre-service and in-service diagnostics. It generates a permanent record of all tests, diagnoses, measurements, and software updates performed with it.VXDIAG SVCI J2534 Diagnostic tool is designed with a multifunctional, comprehensive software, which provides best-in-class OBD II code reading and resetting, live data streaming, live monitoring of vehicle data parameters for diagnosis and troubleshooting of engine problems. It is an affordable diagnostic tool that has many advantages over other products in the market. In short, it is an affordable and reliable diagnostic tool that will help you get rid of car troubles.


Review of:Ford VCM 2

Product Type: Handheld Unit

Reviewed by:Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

A powerful tool for your ford, but with a large price tag.

Value For Money

Connects to your PC or tablet, meaning the interface is intuitive and familiar.

Ease of Use

Does not have a screen, so has no disadvantages which come with that. A solid device.

What We Like

  • Very powerful and easy to use
  • Used through your laptop or smart device
  • Updates are regular

What We Don’t Like

  • Not compatible with every vehicle
  • Expensive

This review of the Ford VCM 2 scanner gives you all the information you need to make an informed choice on car scanner. There is a lot of scanner advertising out there, but we have taken the key features and functions so that you get all of the relevant information without the disinformation; we cover the important points and get rid of the fluff. By the time you get to our summary, you will know if this product is right for you.

Ford VCM 2 - Our review

Ford VCM 2 Review



This scanner is a professional device. It benefits from having the functionality of a standalone device and a powerful data interpreter through Bluetooth and an app.

By having the option to switch between one and the other, you really have two devices at your disposal.

It works very well in a professional environment and can easily be shared between colleagues to effectively diagnose multiple vehicles at the same time.

The standalone nature of the device means that you do not have to use a powerful device and data analysis with simple problems, but that power is there when you need it.

The device is also handy for individuals who want to be able to fix their vehicle by themselves.

The software will help you to effectively diagnose and fix your vehicle (even though you will need to pay for it at some point). Great for everyone.

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