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Creator C502 Review – Best Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool for 2022

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Review of:Creator c502

Product Type: handheld unit

Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

Nothing fancy but works how you need it to

Value For Money

Exceptional functionality for Benz owners and those with other cars without breaking the bank

Ease of Use

Very simple to use, bright 2.8” screen makes it easy to read and navigation is straightforward.

What We Like

  • Supports engine, ABS, SRS, drivetrain, and more
  • Can freeze-frame data during malfunctions for later review
  • Free updates for life to keep it working

What We Don’t Like

  • Additional system support only works for Mercedes Benz models

Is your Mercedes Benz giving you the pesky “check engine” light or telling you something is wrong? Don’t wait until a disaster happens, use a diagnostic scanner to identify the error and fix it before it becomes a problem. No more CEL staring you in the face or worrying about a system failure in your precious Benz!

If you’re looking to maintain your own Mercedes but don’t want to have to buy a separate tool for your other cars as well, consider the versatile Creator c502.

Creator c502

Creator c502 Review



When it comes to car scanners for Mercedes Benz, the Creator c502 is near the top of the list. It does just about everything the standard car owner would want, and even has professional-level functionality because it can test multiple systems with just a single device.

While the functionality suffers on non-Mercedes Benz models, it still performs basic engine scans to make it useful for those who have a Mercedes Benz and other models. With the c502, there’s no need to buy 2 devices for your garage.

2 thoughts on “Creator C502 Review – Best Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool for 2022”

  1. Hi, beside the C502 is able to diagnose the airbags, brakes, electronics, air conditioning, emissions, and more with ease, is it able to clear air conditioning fault codes too?


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