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Creator C501- OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner for BMWs and MINIs

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Review of: Creator c501

Product Type: handheld unit

Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

Compact handheld device that’s built to be reliable with a solid screen

Value For Money

Expansive functionality at a beginner-friendly mid-range price

Ease of Use

One-hand capability and simple button/menu scheme. User manual is translated from Chinese.

What We Like

  • Adds ABS and SRS support for BMW and MINI for little price difference from the c500
  • Scans systems in real time with live data stream
  • Can be updated to stay functioning

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn’t offer wireless capability
  • Additional system support doesn’t expand to OBDII compliant cars, just BMW/MINI

It’s incredibly important that you know your entire car is working correctly, because even a single part malfunctioning can be dangerous. That’s why you want to make sure you have a comprehensive tool that checks more than just your engine for errors.

If you’ve got a BMW or MINI vehicle in your driveway or garage and want to keep it maintained and working correctly at all times, consider investing in a Creator c501.

Creator c501

Creator c501 Review

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Creator c501- obd2 diagnostic scanner for bmws and minis
Creator c501- obd2 diagnostic scanner for bmws and minis

Image Credit: ebay.com


The c501 is a comprehensive diagnostic scanner for BMWs and MINIs, and an improved option over its predecessors. It addresses both the primary shortcomings of the c110 and the c500 by supporting OBDII vehicles as well as adding on support for additional systems like the airbags, braking system, and more. The c501 maintains the simple and compact design that Creator emphasizes in all their products, making it a simple and convenient tool to use anywhere.

If you’re a BMW or MINI owner and want a device that can not only give you a comprehensive report on your specialty car but can also diagnose and clear codes on the rest of your cars’ engines, the Creator c501 is a worthwhile option to consider.

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