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Creator C310 Scanner & Diagnostic Tool Review

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Review Of: Creator C310

Quality of Build

Product Type: Handheld Unit

Value For Money

Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Ease of Use

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

This handy little device is a great way to check in on your BMW to diagnose any potential issues. It’s simple to use and provides codes and information for a variety of different BMW models. As a result, you’ll be able to reset codes that aren’t important and know when you really need to get your car into a mechanic.

Creator C310 Review

Creator C310 Review


Look and Feel

This scanner has a compact look and feel. The screen is small, yet it still has enough room to display the data you need.

The buttons on the bottom are laid out differently than normal, with the arrows not in a cross pattern, and this may initiallyconfuse some people, but the change of location should not disrupt your experience.

The buttons do feel nice and tactile. The entire unit is solid and comes with a case to protect it when you are not using it.


The scanner is connected directly to your vehicle through a cable which is permanently attached on the scanner end.

The cable is what also powers the device, bringing power from your vehicle battery.


This is a scanner which is specifically designed for BMW owners.

The tool gives all of the functionality which you would expect from a basic code reader, but that functionality is tailored towards owners of BMWs to better diagnose problems with that make of car.

The main functionality of this tool is checking the “check engine” light.

This is a basic scanner and cannot do a lot of diagnostics, but the “check engine” light is something that you will want to be able to diagnose without taking it in to be diagnosed by a professional.

As well as being able to check the “check engine” light, this diagnostic tool will allow you to check the air braking system, the SRS, and airbags.

Once you have run the diagnostics on your vehicle, you will then have the option to clear the error code once it has been fixed.

With any vehicle scan, you get a complete set of diagnostic data for you to look through.

This helps you to get to the root cause of any problem and give you the option of fixing the problem by yourself.

You will have access to a live data stream as well as clear adaptation. Information will be displayed to you in graphical form, and you will also be given the vehicle information.

As well as being able to clear problem codes, you can reset engine oil lights.


This tool will save you money compared to taking your vehicle in for diagnostics and repairs.

When the “check engine” light comes on, there are many things which can cause it.

If you take it in for diagnosis, you may find that the problem does not need fixed straight away, but you still need to pay for the diagnostics.

With this scanner, you can scan your vehicle and find out the cause of the “check engine” light.

If the vehicle does not need to be fixed, then you can turn off the “check engine” light and save yourself some money.

This also means that the “check engine” light is reset so that it can come back on if there are any further problems.


This is not a device which will solve all of your problems.

Compared to more expensive scanners, even those which are generic, you will notice that this scanner is lacking in functionality.

Of course, that is the trade-off for a cheaper price tag.

You are unable to program your vehicle with this device. You also cannot perform other advanced functions, such as registering your battery or de-activating your brakes.

If you are serious about car repair, then this is not going to be a tool which will help you diagnose complicated problems.

The tool is not made in the US so the manual suffers from translation issues which may be detrimental to novice car enthusiasts.

Creator C310 image 1
Creator C310 image 2

Thread on bimmerforums with info on how to update the tool: Click Here


This is a tool for BWM users. If you have another make of car, then you are going to want to steer clear of this tool.

If you do have a BMW, then this tool will work, but you will only get limited functionality from it.

This is not a recommended tool for professionals who want to diagnose and scan BMWs; rather, it is a great tool for individuals who want to understand why a “check engine” light has come on without having to pay for expensive diagnostics.

By allowing you to turn off the “check engine” light, this tool will pay for itself.

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