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Cen-Tech 60794 Review : Functional, Yet Unimpressive

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Product Type: Handheld Unit

Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

Value For Money

Ease of Use

What We Like

  • Reliable
  • Affordable pricing
  • Works quickly

What We Don't Like

  • Problems with ABS mode
  • Incorrect codes
  • Doesn't work on all vehicles

This scanner is one that tends to be relatively reliable among people. Like many other options, it scans your vehicle and provides codes to let you know what might be wrong with it. That can help a great deal when you're not sure what's wrong with your car and want to try to avoid an expensive trip to the mechanic.

Cen-tech 60794

Cen-Tech 60794 Review

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Look and Feel

This is a handheld device designed to be held in one hand. The top half features the color screen which displays the information.

The bottom half tapers slightly to give a more comfortable and ergonomic hold.

There is a simple button system which is intuitive to use even though there are more buttons than some simpler models.

Overall, this devices has a rugged and solid look. Just a glance at this scanner and you know it is going to last you a long time.


This scanner connects to your vehicle through a cable. The cable can also be disconnected from the scanner to make for easier storage. The cable will also provide power to the device when it is plugged into your vehicle.


This obd2 scanner can perform two main tests on your vehicle. The first test is run with the engine running.

The diagnostics will run as the engine is turning over. There is also a non-running test which is performed when the engine is switched off, but the ignition is on.

Both tests can pick up different problems so you may have to run both tests to ensure that you find any problems with your vehicle.

When you run either test, you will be given a code which will allow you to look up the code and find out what is wrong with your vehicle.

The readouts are also stored on the device so then you can save them for more in-depth analysis later.

This obd2 scanner supports a wide range of vehicles, especially those which were manufactured after 1996, though you will often find that it is compatible with models of cars which are older than this.

You also have the full support of all OBD2 protocols and CAN protocols. All generic codes are supported, along with manufacturer codes, and pending codes.

The I/M readiness check will give you a quick drive cycle verification and check your emissions so that you are ready for an emissions readiness check.

You also have access to the vehicle information, freeze frame data, and more.

The device has three languages at your disposal; you can use the device in English, Spanish, and French.


The device plugs easily into your car, and it is handy to be able to run a test without even switching the engine on.

This can often lead you to any potential problems without having to run the engine and emit exhaust fumes.

When the scan is run, and the diagnostic checks are complete, the device will provide you with the code for any problems, the possible cause of the problems, and potential solutions to the problems.

This helps you to diagnose any problems effectively and, if you are a novice, helps you to fix any vehicle problems by yourself.

Up to 20 pieces of information are displayed at any one time. The information is presented in a colorful and easy to read way.

You also have enough information at your disposal to compare error codes and get to the root of the problem instead of thinking that two separate problems are caused by two things instead of one.


While this obd2 scanner is compatible with many models and makes of cars, you will still find that there are some models and makes which it is not compatible with.

You should take the time to do a little research before buying the device to ensure that you do not waste your money.

There is the possibility that this device will freeze up when you are using it; at times, the screen can freeze or become blocked.

There are also occasional issues with the device not linking up with your vehicle.

When it comes to updates, it can be difficult to update or take a long time.



This is a great general scanner for individuals or professionals. It gives enough detailed data for you to be able to make a diagnosis, and the find the correct fix for it.

As a professional, you will enjoy the richness of the data. As an amateur, you will benefit from the information detailing the possible causes and possible fixes.

This will not diagnose the most complex problems, but it will be able to help you with the most common vehicle problems.

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