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Bluedriver Vs Obdlink Mx+ – Which One Is Best For You?

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In today’s technological age, it makes sense to own the best Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool you can find.

Many people debate between the BlueDriver and the OBDLink MX models. Both have a lot to offer connected mechanics, but which one is the best. Let’s examine the BlueDriver vs. OBDLink MX to find out.

BlueDriver or OBDLink MX: Which One is Best?

While both tools have a lot to offer, the BlueDriver is the clear cut choice as the best buy. Not only does it utilize Bluetooth, but it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

It works with OBD2-compliant vehicles from GM, Chrysler, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, BMW and Honda. With this tool, you also gain access to all vehicle-specific Repair Reports from a database of certified mechanics.

The BlueDriver unit has more coverage to provide enhanced diagnostics and is worth the few extra dollars.

BlueDriver Overview

Bluedriver Vs Obdlink Mx+ – Which One Is Best For You?

For mechanics that desire an easy to use OBD2 Bluetooth, this model probably fits all of your needs. It connects effortlessly and doesn’t take long to provide you with the diagnostics you require. While there are plenty of features to mention, one that stands out is the Smog Readiness Status. This lets you know if the vehicle will pass an emissions test, which is a convenient option.

While this reliable Bluetooth device does read the Check Engine Light, ABS, airbag, and transmission codes, it doesn’t read ESP. It does capture freeze frame information and offers real-time logging data.

Another feature to note is the Live Data. This gives you access to graph and gauge data logs on your connected device for further information. The BlueDriver is also compatible with all smartphones, tablets and Windows laptops.

OBDLink MX Overview

The OBDLink MX helps you to diagnose your car troubles with a user-friendly diagnostic tool. This mobile device offers plenty of vehicle coverage on many models dated 1996 or newer. The company prides itself on creating a hacker-proof tool. With this added level of security, you have confidence against external threats.

It seamlessly integrates with many third-party apps to offer some additional versatility. The only thing it’s not compatible with is iOS operating systems, which makes working with your iPad difficult. This tool is designed to work exclusively with Windows and Android devices.

Unlike many other tools, it does come complete with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. Considering the low price, this is pretty impressive.

With this device, you can read and clear enhanced codes such as ABS, SRS and Transmission, but you won’t have access to ESP codes. It also features Freeze Frame to create a snapshot anytime a code is triggered. With these options, you have a complete system for all your home and professional repair needs.

Comparison of the Key Features Between a BlueDriver & OBDLink MX

OBD2 Bluetooth tools come in a variety of options, so it’s vital that we take a closer look at the BlueDrive and OBDLink MX to see what sets them apart.


The BlueDriver is compatible with all smartphones, tablets and Windows laptops. This allows you to use any device to troubleshoot your engine codes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t integrate with third-party apps. You must use the BlueDriver App with the sensor. On the other hand, the OBDLink MX works with major third-party apps but doesn’t feature compatibility with iOS devices. You must use Android or Windows to integrate with this tool.


The price is higher for the BlueDriver tool. The versatility to use any device plus the access to the vehicle-specific Repair Reports make it a great value compared with the lower cost OBDLink MX.

Common Functions

Both sensors feature a variety of functions to diagnose most common vehicle problems. With the BlueDriver, you have access to Freeze Frame, Smog Check, Mode 6 for advanced test results and Live Data. It also reads and clears CEL codes on all makes plus reads and clear enhanced codes on some models. The OBDLink MX provides the ability to read and clear confirmed, pending and permanent codes on all makes plus read and clear some enhanced codes on a few models. It also provides access to Freeze Frame.

Repair Reports

With the BlueDriver, you receive access to Repair Reports. This provides you with code definitions, possible causes and reported fixes for your particular problem. The reports are updated regularly to make sure you have accurate information.


The OBDLink MX features an industry-leading warranty. First, you have a 90-day return policy. If you don’t like the tool, you can simply return it. Then, you have access to their three-year warranty which covers any defect that might occur. In comparison, the BlueDriver only comes with a one-year warranty.

Final Verdict: BlueDriver or OBDLink MX?

The BlueDriver is the best Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool between the two for most mechanics. It offers plenty of versatility, lots of compatibility and some advanced features that are typically only found with more advanced models.

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With that said, there are times when the OBDLink MX might be a better option for a user.

If you need to use a third-party app for your diagnostics, you won’t be able to do this with the BlueDriver and would have to opt for the other tool.

Of course, you can’t do this with an iOS device, so that’s something else to keep in mind.

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