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Autel Maxidas DS808 Review in 2022

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Product Type: Professional Use

Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

Relatively good quality: Made of Chinese parts making durability questionable.

Value For Money

Though it’s the latest version it’s cheaper than older model.

Ease of Use

Registration takes just a couple of minutes. The menu system takes a while to get used to but once figured out it’s simple to operate.

What We Like

  • Very light and portable for easy handling
  • Bluetooth functionality means no dealing with cables
  • Operates at incredibly fast speed

What We Don't Like

  • Need to send it to China for warranty service
  • Might experience some connectivity issues
  • Battery doesn’t hold charge for long

Any aspiring or established mechanic should definitely add this diagnostic tool to their workshop because of its scanning capabilities. Its versatility means you can use it on various car models which automatically equates to an increased client base.

It has advanced features that’ll take care of all your vehicle servicing and maintenance needs—with accuracy.

If you’re unsure if this is the right product for you have a look at our review. We let you in on the different specs this DS808 has. Maybe you’ll discover it’s exactly what you need to get a step ahead of your competitors.

Check out how it compares agains the popular Autel MK808 here.

Autel maxidas ds808 - our review

Autel MaxiDAS DS808 Review

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Autel maxidas ds808 reviewAutel maxidas ds808 review in 2022
Autel maxidas ds808 review

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To successfully analyze and scan your customer’s vehicles, you’ll agree that only the best diagnostic tool will do. The DS808, though not from one of the premium brands, is definitely worth considering where affordability and functionality are concerned.

By offering accurate diagnostics it increases your chances of quickly identifying and solving problems associated with various motor vehicles. The efficiency of this device not only guarantees customer satisfaction but repeat business. After all increasing your client base is one of the goals of owning a car repair shop, don’t you agree?

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