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Autel MaxiCheck Pro Review

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Review of: Autel MaxiCheck Pro


Reviewed by:Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

Value For Money

Ease of Use

What We Like

  • Expanded functionality for coding and resetting multiple advanced systems beyond the ECU and CEL.
  • Mode Six and Freeze Frame Data Recording
  • Live data streaming and recording
  • Graphing or text telemetry recording
  • Compact, lightweight and durable
  • Includes OBDII dongle and USB connector for software/database updates

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t offer more advanced features like wireless key coding, ECU programming or transmission coding
  • No memory card support
  • No Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

Running the latest diagnostic platform from Autel, this simplified, easy to operate OBDII scan tool was built from the ground up for professional technicians in auto service centers and body repair shops that specialize in servicing and repairing all makes and models.

The expanded database has DTCS and TSBs from manufacturers all over the world, and the MaxiCheck Pro can even reset or clear codes on advanced braking systems, suspension controls, airbags and other sports and luxury car features not supported by other scan tools. Best of all, this handheld scanner is tough as nails and available at a price that won’t break the bank.

Autel MaxiCheck Pro Review

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Autel MaxiCheck Pro ABS Brake Bleed OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool EPB/ABS/SRS/SAS/Airbag/Oil Service Reset/BMS/DPF

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Autel MaxiCheck Pro ABS Brake Bleed OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool EPB/ABS/SRS/SAS/Airbag/Oil Service Reset/BMS/DPF

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Autel MaxiCheck Pro ABS Brake Bleed OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool EPB/ABS/SRS/SAS/Airbag/Oil Service Reset/BMS/DPF

Autel MaxiCheck Pro ReviewAutel MaxiCheck Pro ReviewAutel MaxiCheck Pro Review

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Look and Feel

Brightly colored and easy to hold one handed, the Autel MaxiCheck Pro makes a great shop companion sitting on the workbench or clipped to your belt for easy access. The display is also a TFT (thin flexible transistor) as opposed to an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), making it easier to read regardless of the lighting. It’s also easier to read when you’re test-driving a vehicle and monitoring the graphs or telemetry on the screen.


The MaxiCheck Pro works with everything from discontinued Mercury and Pontiac vehicles to brand new Audis and Maybachs. The expanded database goes a long way to making this diagnostic scanner much more useful than similar models from competing manufacturers. Autel also gives you both an OBDII port dongle and a USB cable for connecting it to a Windows PC for updating the database and firmware. Truly, this is a fantastic value for the cost in terms of connectivity.


Here’s a quick rundown of the Autel MaxiCheck Pro’s capabilities:

  • Turn off/on ECU & brake warning light
  • Read /Clear Airbag/SRS trouble codes
  • Operate electronic brake calipers
  • Set/reset inspection mileage in the ECU
  • Reset oil service light
  • Read/Clear/Reset DTCs
  • Diagnose/Reset EPB/SBC DTCs
  • Mode 6 & Freeze Frame Data
  • Review, graph, record, replay and print OBD2 data
  • Firmware and OBDII DTC code database update via Windows PC

Bluetooth/Wi-Fi: No


Engine Codes: Yes

Memory Card Support: No

Live Data Stream: Yes, with recording, replay and printing via PC

Smog Test: Yes

Wireless Keys Coding: No

ECU Reprogramming: No

Check Engine Light Reset: Yes

Ease of Use

Like all Autel scanners, the software on the handset is meant to be easily operated with one hand using the arrow keys, center OK button and soft keys at the base of the display. Once you get used to navigating the menus and database, you’ll find this is both an excellent diagnostic tool and reference for troubleshooting problems on any car.


  • Thanks to the lightweight, pocket sized frame and easy to operate menu system, this is one of the best professional grade but consumer available scan tools you can get for the money.


  • While the feature list is extensive and you can do much more with this scanner, it still lacks many of the high end features a service center tech would need for extensive repair or modification work.

Manufacturer’s site: https://www.auteltech.com/User’s manual: Click Here


What makes and models are compatible with the Autel MaxiCheck Pro?

US, Canadian, European and Asian models made after 1996.

Can this device reset the airbag light?

Yes, and it can reset codes for SRS as well.

Can it run on internal batteries?

Yes, thought it also powers off the 12V or 18V OBDII port power supply.

Can it link/update on a Mac computer?

No, this feature is not available for Autel devices.

What versions of Windows can I use to sync/update my Autel MaxiLink ML629?

Any version from Windows 7 to present.

Can the Autel MaxiLink ML629 program wireless car keys?

It cannot.

What’s involved in the device update process?

Connect to a Windows PC with the Autel sync app installed via included USB cable and the device will update itself.

Can you reset adaptive memory with this device?

No, this feature is not supported.



All things considered, this is a fantastic OBDII scanner that allows DIY enthusiasts and professional automotive service technicians alike will find to be perfect for their needs. If you’re ready to upgrade your base or intermediate model scan tool, the MaxiCheck Pro provides the best value for the money in its class.

Check one out when you’re ready for more power and convenience when working on fixing a car.

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