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In-Depth Comparison of the Autel AL619 vs. Autel MD802

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For mechanics that need a basic to mid-level code scanner, it makes sense to evaluate both the Autel AL619 and the MD802.

Determining which one of these is the best one to buy requires an in-depth look at each unit’s strengths and weaknesses.

Putting the Autel AL619 vs. Autel MD802 side by side helps you to make a better decision.

Autel AL619 or Autel MD802: Which One is Best?

While both of these units have a purpose and would benefit a particular user, we have to pick the Autel MD802 as the winner.

Not only does it come with a larger screen, but some additional capabilities make it more versatile. The Autel MD802 can read both ESP and you can export the data to your PC. Neither of these functions is available with the Autel AL619.

Autel AL619 Overview

In-Depth Comparison of the Autel AL619 vs. Autel MD802

This handheld code scanner is easy to manage and goes beyond your bare-bones OBD2 code reader. It has a 3.2-inch color screen and some additional functionality that helps aspiring mechanics get the job done. The Autel AL619 reads ABS/SRS codes and turns off MIL as well as some other lights.

You can quickly clear codes and reset the monitor. It also supports multiple languages and offers a live data graph display. With the freeze frame data, you can read, store and playback live PCM data for in-depth diagnosis.

The company even offers free lifetime updates so your scanner is never out of data. Another benefit is that this device weighs less than two pounds. This is ideal if you plan to hold it for long times during diagnostics.

The downside is that there’s no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capability. Of course, these features aren’t typically options on the lower end line of scanner and generally cost much more to acquire.

Autel MD802 Overview

In-Depth Comparison of the Autel AL619 vs. Autel MD802

The Autel MD802 is also a compact OBD2 scanner, ideal for beginners and DIY mechanics. It’s comfortable and comes complete with a four-inch color screen. It does weigh a little more than the previous model at 3.35 pounds.

This code scanner works well with all newer models and will read multiple codes at once. This allows you to scan for numerous issues within seconds. When you get the diagnostics you need quickly; you can complete your repairs faster.

The Autel MD802 features more than ten test modes. You can read and erase codes with ease from the Check Engine Light, ESP and SRS. You even get an onboard monitor test with this system plus the live data feed. In addition, you can get export data to your PC for future reference.

Of course, this model doesn’t come with the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capability as well. Still, the high-end features make this code scanner one of the most advanced in its price range.

Comparison of the Key Features Between an Autel AL619 & Autel MD802

While both the Autel AL619 and MD802 have a lot to offer mechanics, some features are different between the two. Determining which OBD2 code scanner is best for you requires an in-depth look at these two models.


The Autel AL619 is a great unit for the beginner mechanic that doesn’t need advanced functionality. It reads ABS and SRS but doesn’t have a function for EFB and Oil Reset. To get these abilities, you would need to use the Autel MD802 instead.


You will spend more to use the Autel MD802, but it’s not a considerable price difference. If you plan to work on more difficult problems or you want to increase your capability in the future, it’s wise to invest in the higher-end MD802 from the start. Otherwise, you might find that you bought the AL619 only to need more than what it can offer.


There is a considerable size difference between the two units. The Autel AL619 measures 7.83 x 4.11 x 1.48 inches and weighs just under 2 pounds. The screen size measures 3.2 inches. With the Autel MD802, you are looking at measurements of 14.6 x 3.9 x 8.7 inches instead plus a weight of 3.35 pounds. That’s a considerable difference, especially if you plan to hold the unit for prolonged times. Of course, the MD802 does also feature a larger screen size of 4 inches for additional visibility.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connectivity

Neither of these units comes with the ability to connect through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If these are a must, you will have to upgrade to something further up the Autel lineup.

Additional Functions

While neither unit is OBD1 complaint, there are some additional things users get with the MD802. Not only will it read ESP, unlike the AL619, but it also allows users to export data to a PC for future evaluation. This is something many aspiring mechanics desire and a function that’s worth a few extra dollars.

Final Verdict: Autel AL619 or MD802?

There’s a time and a place for both the Autel AL619 and MD802, but it’s clear that the latter offers more functionality and versatility.

If the extra cost isn’t a problem and you don’t mind the additional size and weight, there’s no reason to hold off investing in the Autel MD802.

This OBD2 code tool allows you to diagnose and repair cars with ease and offers all the essential functions you would require.

There are even some advanced capabilities that other code scanners in this price range won’t offer.

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