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ANCEL FX6000 (Buyer’s Guide and Reviews)

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Review of: ANCEL FX6000

Product Type: Handheld Unit 

Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

The unit is made of fairly cheap plastic and has less than durable connection points.

Value For Money

It works really well, is fairly easy to use, and has highly advanced functions.

Ease of Use

There are a couple of minor issues, but high overall user friendliness.

What We Like

  • Functions in several languages
  • Can be used for virtually any car built after 1992
  • Full ECU programming and coding
  • Highly functional code reading process

What We Don't Like

  • List of codes is in a paper manual, not the database
  • Not the most durable connection points
  • A bit bulky

This is a review of the ANCEL FX6000, which is a highly advanced and functional coding and programming tool for automobiles. This item functions in multiple languages, plus it can be used for over 40 different car brands worldwide.

Whether Asian, European, or North American cars, as long as they were built in 1992 or after, the ANCEL FX6000 will be able to diagnose issues, resolve error codes, and more. It doesn’t need any batteries or extra software or hardware. Simply plug it into the 16-pin port on your car and this scanner is good to go.

Ancel fx6000 - our review

ANCEL FX6000 Review

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Ancel fx6000 reviewAncel fx6000 (buyer’s guide and reviews)
Ancel fx6000 review

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As you can see, the ANCEL FX6000 scanner is a highly advanced programming, coding, and diagnostics tool for all kinds of cars. It can read and solve pretty much any error codes your vehicle might be having, plus it allows for advancing coding and programming like no other option on the market. It might be a bit pricey, but it will quickly give you your money’s worth.

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