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ANCEL FX2000 Review

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Review of: ANCEL FX2000

Product Type: Handheld Unit

Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

Value For Money


What We Like

  • Covers a very wide variety of makes and models.
  • Reads error codes and diagnoses all 4 systems.
  • Tells you why the check engine light is on.

What We Don't Like

  • Updates do not work on MAC computers.
  • ABS, transmission, and SRS data readings only work for cars manufactured after 2005.
  • Can’t reset the oil light.

If you could save time in a bottle, it would look exactly like the Ancel FX2000. It won’t tell you how to fix problems in cars; that’s all up to you. However, it will save you time and effort you waste testing working parts just to find the ones that don’t. 

ANCEL FX2000 Review

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Look and Feel

The FX2000 is a robust little device that fits well in your hands and looks like it belongs in a proper shop. The buttons have a good feel, and overall, the UI is excellent. The screen is large enough, and it has good clarity, so visibility isn’t an issue.


The cords and ports are situated in good spots on the device so that things don’t feel awkward with wires running every which way. MAC users might not be so keen to use it, but the features it offers may make them think twice.


This compact tool lets you read/clear error codes, look up DTCs, perform smog tests that include O2 sensor test and I/M readiness. You can also have it do an EVAP system test, grab a vehicle’s information and read freeze frame data. It simplifies what you must do to fix a car by laying it all out there for you to see.

You are privy to a wealth of data enabling you to pinpoint what must be done. Pull up a vehicle’s live data, and you can see issues when viewing the graphing visualization. Data streams for AT/Engine/ABS/SRS (airbag) pop up as viewing options along with a variety of other diagnostic reports. This unique feature lets you root out the causes of diagnostic trouble codes quickly and efficiently with little effort. 

Discover the reasons for problems with the engine system quickly and efficiently, and you can use the FX2000 to turn off the warning light. Current, permanent, and pending codes show up, and you can clear them at your leisure. The FX2000 displays vital OBD2 extended data like emissions, fuel, and real-time manufacturer-specific parameters to ensure the engine’s ECU works correctly.

The device reads and clears SRS (airbag) fault code and enables you to turn off the warning light. You will be free to check to see that everything is working as it should. The live data stream for the SRS (airbag) in the display will help you scrutinize everything about the system and make sure it works perfectly.

You can read and clear error codes just as easily for ABS diagnosis and flip off the warning light. It will grab the fault codes and help you quickly assess where faults are when you visually inspect the different brake components. The live data flow feature lets you monitor and diagnose the system so you can effectively and completely fix issues.

You can read and clear error codes when doing AT diagnosis, and you can also view live data in the transmission system. Watch live data from clutch engagement, fluid temperature, and pressure to better diagnose the problems. The device also gives detailed vehicle TCM data to aid in finding current or potential problems quickly and accurately.


The FX2000 has tons of useful features that outweigh anything it has going against it. The product delivers on its promises, plain and simple. It’s a great device that could quickly become your right-hand man around the shop as you check vehicle after vehicle. You’ll be surprised by how much time it can save you, and the software updates will keep it relevant for a long time.

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