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ANCEL FX2000 Review

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Review of: ANCEL FX2000

Product Type: Handheld Unit

Reviewed by:Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

Value For Money


What We Like

  • Covers a very wide variety of makes and models.
  • Reads error codes and diagnoses all 4 systems.
  • Tells you why the check engine light is on.

What We Don’t Like

  • Updates do not work on MAC computers.
  • ABS, transmission, and SRS data readings only work for cars manufactured after 2005.
  • Can’t reset the oil light.

If you could save time in a bottle, it would look exactly like the Ancel FX2000. It won’t tell you how to fix problems in cars; that’s all up to you. However, it will save you time and effort you waste testing working parts just to find the ones that don’t. 

ANCEL FX2000 Review


The FX2000 has tons of useful features that outweigh anything it has going against it. The product delivers on its promises, plain and simple. It’s a great device that could quickly become your right-hand man around the shop as you check vehicle after vehicle. You’ll be surprised by how much time it can save you, and the software updates will keep it relevant for a long time.

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