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Ancel FD500 Review

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Review of: Ancel FD500


Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

Value For Money

Easy to Use

What We Like

  • Reads and Clears Trouble Codes
  • Professional tool for both company and personal owners
  • Free lifetime code updates
  • Offers multi- special functions for Ford group vehicles

What We Don't Like

  • No Bluetooth or WIFI capabilities
  • Outdated design

Providing accurate reviews is a must nowadays when there are many options to choose from.  As the consumer, both price and quality should be beyond agreeable. Continue reading to see how the Ancel FD500 may prove to be a beneficial scanner that is right fit for you.

The Ancel FD500 is a choice full system scanner for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. It has great compatibility with most Ford group models built after 1996 up to new models with OBD2 16 pin sockets. It also works for most non-Ford vehicles that operate on 12V. It offers nine special features that will be discussed, plus a lifetime software update guarantee.

Whether you work in a professional environment or live a do-it-yourself type of lifestyle, this scanner is easy to use and is cost-friendly. What is most notable about this device is its level of accuracy. It is I/M ready and offers Live Data Stream. There is a lot of positive feedback about how accurate the results are from customers who experienced troubleshooting issues beforehand.  

Ancel FD500 Review

Ancel fd500 full system scan tool for ford lincoln, code reader obd2 scanner with engine abs srs transmission 4wd system diagnostics, epb/throttle oil reset/battery registration for ford
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Look and Feel

For appearance, this will be your standard scanner. Primarily, it comes in the basic colors of black and white. The display size is 2.8 inches with multiple language options. 

The style is quite simple with about six large buttons: four directional arrows, okay, and escape. It does not have touchscreen capabilities. Futuristics might find it horrifying. However, the simplistic design is part of what makes this tool easy to use and leaves your screen motor grease free. 

Its sides have grooves for secure grips. The scanner can fit in the palm of your hand, for the most part.


Unfortunately, the Ancel FD500 does not have Bluetooth or WIFI connectivity. 


The Ancel FD500 is a full system scan tool that offers a wide range of functions. One function is that it can erase codes once troubleshooting is complete. This works for both Ford vehicles and non-Ford vehicles. 

The Battery Volts Test System gives you detailed graphical information about battery conditions, including how long it might last. Plus, the battery registration reset feature helps you register a new battery that has the same parameters. 

Live Data Stream is also available so that you can detect current conditions of the four main systems: the engine, the brakes, the airbag, and the transmission. These are areas where the most common trouble codes arise, so using this tool helps to save you time and money by utilizing this feature.

It is also I/M ready, or Inspection/Maintenance ready, to provide current statuses of diagnosis. The device will tell you if the diagnosis is complete, unavailable, or not ready.

Additionally, it provides vehicle information such as VIN, CALID, and CVN.  

Below are the nine special functions the Ancel FD500 performs.

The Electronic Park Brake (EPB) Reset can help you retract your brakes electronically after replacing brake pads or servicing calipers.

A very nice bonus is the Oil Reset function. Many scanners do not allow you to turn off your oil service lamps once the car has been serviced. The Ancel FD500 does. 

The Throttle Adaptation Reset (KAM) is a great feature to have since imbalances can cause inconsistent speeds and unstable idling. 

Additionally, the Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Reset adds more stabilization as it ensures the throttle is open to the correct position. It can also be easily linked to other systems such as the engine and traction control.

This scanner also offers a Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPSM) Reset function. Very few scanners for Ford offer this. Neither do they offer Service Routine (ABS Bleed Service) Reset capabilities like the Ancel FD500. It is worth mentioning that these are very special and limited features, however. You will have to verify if your Ford model is compatible.

Having the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Reset is a major bonus. When the powertrain control module is not working properly, serious problems with your vehicle can occur like sputtering or stalling. Using the reset option will help clear all codes after the problem is fixed.

Finally, the Ancel FD500 offers the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) to keep your airbag and safety equipment functioning at optimal levels for the time they are needed most. 

There are always both pros and cons. The only obvious improvement would be to add WIFI or Bluetooth connectivity for faster streamlining of data. However, that can be chalked up to personal preferences if nothing else.

Overall, most users have reported high satisfaction while getting their vehicle problems fixed. Along with its high accuracy level, the Ancel FD500 offers a host of services. This tool also provides support for four-wheel drive. It can read and erase air-conditioning codes and diagnose audio system problems. 

There are many more benefits to purchasing the Ancel FD500. This is your professional full system scanner for Ford vehicles at a fraction of the price.

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