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Ancel AD610 Elite Review 2022

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Review of: Ancel AD610

Product Type: Handheld Unit

Reviewed by: Alex Meyer

Quality of Build

Value For Money

Ease of Use

What We Like

  • High impact durable design
  • Rubber side and back grips
  • Small enough to fit easily in your coveralls pocket
  • Can reset and program most car computer systems including Steering Angle Reset, Automatic Brake Systems, and Electronic Suspension Programming

What We Don't Like

  • Screen is difficult to read in bright light despite being full color and backlit
  • While pocket-sized, it definitely requires some bigger pockets
  • Tough, but not invincible
  • No wireless connectivity for scanning or syncing

If you’re a professional auto repair technician, an integral part of every job is pulling trouble codes on cars to determine what’s not functioning correctly. To do that, you need an OBDII scan tool compatible with most automobiles made after 1996. You also need the ability to reset  certain alerts or reprogram these systems. The Ancel AD610 is an ideal all-in-one solution for professionals and DIYers that want a handheld/pocket-sized scanner that does everything a good OBDII scanner should do with some nice extras.

Ancel AD610 Review

Ancel ad610 - our review
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Ancel ad610 elite review 2022Ancel ad610 elite review 2022
Ancel ad610 review

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The AD610 is an excellent choice for experienced pro technicians and amateur techs looking to expand their abilities in their home garage. It provides plenty of value versus its cost, and while the interface has a steep learning curve it’s not an impossibly steep. Check one out for yourself, as the AD610 may be the perfect fit for you.

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