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Actron Scanner

Actron is a company that specializes in automotive diagnostic scan tools and engine code readers, to help manufacturers, car owners and car specialists alike to determine what is specifically wrong with a vehicle in question. Headquartered in Warren, Michigan, USA, they provide the utmost of quality in each product they make. 

No matter if their products are used on a professional level or personel level, Actron takes pride in making products that are reliable and easy to use for all groups of people.

These are just five of the many different scanners that Actron develops and manufactures, but they are not all the same. They can all collect data from any car with an OBD 2 system, but your experience with using them will vary depending on the technology and your familiarity and experience with auto emissions.

They vary in price and features, and depending on what you need the most, allow us to show you how they all different from one another.

Our Take On Their Units

1. Actron CP9690

The CP9690 comes in the form of a smaller, and more comfortable device with a larger screen that is easier to see and read. Also bright orange in color, the device is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

The color LCD screen make text and graphics super simple to decipher and it can also send data to your computer. Not only does this device work with any car since 1996, but also older cars made in 1984 or later, with OBD 1 systems, such as ones from Ford, Toyota, Chrysler and GM.

The CP9690 comes with a carrying case and all the cables and adapters necessary to make your diagnostics take place.

Actron Scanner

We regret to inform you that this product is currently unavailable. However, the good news is that there is a newer version of this product that has almost similar features. This newer model – Actron CP9695 -comes with additional useful features such as larger screen and a USB cable access. The device has a faster processor as compared to the Actron CP9690 Elite.

2. Actron CP9670

The CP9670 is smaller and has fewer buttons than the CP9690, but you can still get that big, colorful screen that you can read data on just fine. In addition to the orange shell, the control panel is dark grey with black buttons, for an even more appealing look.

This scanner features displaying live data as it happens, so you can still perform diagnostics with the car turned on, if you like. Live data helps you diagnose problems with the car much faster so that you can do what you need to before the problems get worse over time.

Furthermore, the CP9670 will remember the make and model of your car so that it can diagnose the car faster with continued use. It is very hard to find a car that this version of the Actron scanner won’t be compatible with.

Actron Scanner

3. Actron CP9660

The CP9660 is the oldest and most affordable of the scanners in this article, but that doesn’t mean that it is not a serviceable piece of equipment for car owners and specialists by any means.

It is programmed with over 4000 diagnostic trouble code so that regardless of how strange or obscure your specific problem it, it can swiftly show you what the problem is with your car without even having to play detective on your own or have another mechanic figure it out for you.

If you do not care for a big screen and just want a scanner that works, you can get the CP9660 and still enjoy all the splendor of a professional experience by Actron.

Actron Scanner

4. Actron CP9600

The CP9600 is a fully functioning scan tool that can allow you to read and interpret data about your car and its emissions from either an Apple or Android device.

This is also an upgradable unit that comes with additional ABS (anti-lock brake system), airbag and powertrain data. The purchase of the CP9600 also includes free CodeConnect services for the first car or vehicle that you register. If you are not interested in working with cables at all, or want to do all the dirty work that comes with diagnostics, you can buy the CP9600.

Keep in mind, though, that wireless technology is not as strong and useful as wired technology.

Actron Scanner


All Actron scanners are compatible with vehicles made in 1996 or later. Each Actron scanner includes a free membership to RepairPath.com as well, which is a website that offers tips and tricks for specific problems that you might have with your specific vehicle. All of them are sure to work and serve their owners well, but also keep in mind if you either need just the scanner itself, or an entire diagnostics kit.