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P2200 – What Does It Mean and How To Fix It

This is one of the most frequent OBD2 trouble codes. Read the full article below to know what it means, how to fix it, and what other codes may show related to it.


P2200 is an OBD-II Code that refers to NOx Sensor Circuit Bank 1


A P2200 code is a diagnostic trouble code that occurs with fuel injected engines from most manufacturers since 2003 such as Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Nissan and Infiniti. It indicates the bank 1 intake manifold runner position sensor is out of range. If a fault or malfunction occurs, the program enters failsafe mode, in which it continues to function normally until the source of the problem is discovered and resolved.

When the ECU detects a shift in performance that is out of range, it sets the DTC P2200.


Common causes for this code include:

  • Rich-running condition
  • Bad mass air flow sensor
  • Bad manifold air pressure sensor (MAP)
  • Bad fuel pressure regulator or other fuel injection component
  • Misfiring from Ignition
  • Contaminated Oil
  • Spark timing is retarded 


The symptoms of a P2200 code are:


To diagnose a P2200 DTC code, a technician would:

  1. Scan for codes in the ECM and look at the freeze frame data for failure.
  2. Visually inspect all related wiring and connectors.
  3. Check to see if there is any exhaust contamination.
  4. Inspect the Mass Airflow Sensor, Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, and Fuel Pressure Regulator for correct operation.
  5. Check for proper ignition operation.
  6. If no other issue is found, replace the NOx sensor

Common mistakes

The following are some of the most common mistakes that a technician may make when diagnosing a P2200 code:

  • Not thoroughly inspecting all the wiring and connectors for damage.
  • Not checking for other codes that may be stored in the ECM.
  • Not checking for exhaust contamination.
  • Not properly diagnosing the Mass Airflow Sensor, Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, and Fuel Pressure Regulator.

How serious is this?

A P2200 code is a serious code that can cause damage to the engine if not diagnosed and repaired in a timely manner.

What repairs can fix the code?

repair manuals

The following are solutions that may fix this problem:

  • Cleaning or replacing the NOx sensor
  • Replacing the Mass Airflow Sensor
  • Replacing the Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
  • Replacing the Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Repairing or replacing any damaged wiring or connectors 

Related codes

A P2200 is related to and may be accompanied by the following codes:

P2199 – NOx Sensor Circuit Bank 1 High

P2201 – NOx Sensor Circuit Bank 2

P2202 – NOx Sensor Circuit Bank 2 Low

P2203 – NOx Sensor Circuit Bank 2 High

P3400 – P3497 – EVAP System Codes


In conclusion, the P2200 code is a diagnostic trouble code that refers to a problem with the NOx sensor on bank 1. This code is serious and should be diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible. The most common causes for this code include a rich-running condition, a bad mass air flow sensor, a bad manifold air pressure sensor, or a bad fuel pressure regulator. If you suspect that your vehicle has this code, it is important to have it diagnosed by a professional technician as soon as possible.