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P2101 Code – What Does It Mean & How To Fix It

This is one of the most frequent OBD2 trouble codes. Read the full article below to know what it means, how to fix it, and what other codes may show related to it.


P2101 is an OBD-II diagnostic number for the engine control module (ECM) recognizing an open circuit in the TAC motor because the throttle actuator control (TAC) drifted out of the capability of the circuitry. Continue reading to uncover more regarding the P2101 OBD code.


The gas pedal position detector and the throttle dominion unit effectively manage the egressing and waning of the throttle lever. An OBD code fault may be recorded in the system if either of the components fails to function effectively. OBD code P2101 is saved in the systems if the PCM detects that the throttle actuator “A” control motor circuitry recordings are out of compliance.


Following are the common causes of a P2101 code:

  • Failure of the throttle actuator.
  • Problem with the throttle position sensor.
  • The throttle control system is broken.
  • Failure of the PCM, which may necessitate reprogramming,
  • Connectors and wires that are damaged.


If the throttle and the gas pedal are not working harmoniously, it can create several noticeable problems. If the light comes on and you don’t detect any symptoms, then the likely culprit is a faulty sensor. Fortunately, issues with your car’s throttle are not ambiguous, so anyone can figure out that something is wrong.

Here’s what you can experience in that situation.

  • Surging or Hesitation While Accelerating – The acceleration process should be smooth and match your foot’s position on the pedal.
  • Engine Revving While Idling – Even if your foot isn’t on the gas, the throttle may be opening by itself.
  • High RPMs – Typically, a car’s RPM gauge should be within 600 to 1000 while idling. It will go up while accelerating but should come back down quickly.
  • Vehicle Stalling – When the throttle is opened too much, it can flood the engine and cause a stall. You may notice this while idling or accelerating.
  • Check Engine Light Comes On

OBD Setback Sequence P2101 Symptoms

It is critical to understand the signs of a problem since only then can you solve it. Provided below is a compiled list of some of the most common OBD figure P2101 symptoms:

  • The service engine light may begin to illuminate soon.
  • It is possible that the car engine will not start at all.
  • There may or may not be any throttle reaction.
  • The automatic transmission is stuck in neutral.
  • There may be some other codes.

OBD Code P2101 Engine Error Diagnosis

It is critical to figure out what is causing this error number. Listed below are some actions a technician should take to diagnose the issue that resulted in a P2101 code being stored:

  • It is a common form of setback sequence that can be identified using a detector. The technician will connect a recorder to the car’s diagnostic socket and retrieve the sequence and freeze frame info.
  • If they discover any other error codes, they must also address them. After that, they must reappraise the vehicle before driving it to observe if the problem code displays.
  • There may be an irregular state if the technical error does not restore. The mechanic must then inspect the cables, outlets, and other electronic components and repair them as soon as possible if they are malfunctioning.
  • Run the engine to look for vacuum leaks in the vacuum conduits and throttle air aperture vessel. As needed, restore any defective vacuum channels or components. 
  • You may have an intermittent problem if the code does not return immediately. Only autos with an electrically operated throttle body are eligible for this classification.
  • Throttle bodies that operate by wire are typically known as “drive-by-wire” setups. By adjusting voltage levels and polarities, voltage signals from the power unit steering system would engage the throttle actuator motor in an intended way. As the throttle actuator motor rotates, it also rotates the body gear, intertwined with a larger gear.
  • This shift in ratio allows the throttle plate to release quickly and abruptly or steadily and gradually, depending on the operator’s directions. The air inlet pipe from the throttle should be thoroughly separated, and the throttle plate should be opened with the mains turned off.
  • Inspect the internal cavern of the throttle for excessive levels of carbon, and clear the bore with the appropriate solvent. The throttle plate’s border should be well cleaned.
  • When the engine is active, use a scanner to check voltage and ground readings at the throttle actuator control motor interface.
  • If the voltage and ground indications are not present, the PCM connector and all corresponding controllers should be unplugged, and individual connections should be tested for aversion and abidance. As needed, repair open, shorted, or severed circuits. 
  • When the scanner activates the throttle actuator motor socket and detects voltage and ground signals, you should repair the unit, eliminate the errors, and steer the car to check. Many automakers would provide servicing parts for throttle bodies with “drive by wire” technology.
  • You may have to replace the existing throttle body, which comprises the actuator motor and the throttle motion detector. It is good to change the pedal detector along with the throttle body. You can look up the manufacturer’s suggestions in your vehicle’s service handbook at any time.

Common Errors while Diagnosing the P2101 Code

  • The accelerator treadle position assembly is not performing correctly.
  • Debacle in the car’s wiring.
  • It is possible that the mass airflow (MAF) detector isn’t working correctly.
  • The power unit control module has some faults.
  • The suction hose leaks.
  • The throttle control motor has some quirks.

How serious is this?

Due to the extreme impact on the cooling system, seriousness is usually high. The PCM cannot fully adjust for this because it could be an electrical or mechanical breakdown. In most cases, proportional compensation implies that the engine’s idle velocity is fixed.

How to Fix this Code?

Do you want to fix Trouble Code P2101? Take a look at the following points:

  • Ensure that the throttle body is in good working order.
  • It is critical to fix the faulty Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor.
  • Fix the vacuum leaks.
  • Repair any open or short circuits in the wiring harness.
  • Adjust the throttle body problems with care.
  • Refurbish the powertrain control module that is not working.

Related codes

P2110 (Forced limited rpm mode throttle actuator control system) is frequently associated with P2101, as several of the same factors that create P2101 can also set P2110. P2101 is usually related to mechanical concerns, whereas P2110 is nearly exclusively associated with electrical / motor issues.

These also include the P2100 (Throttle Actuator “A” Control Motor Circuit/Open), P2102 (Throttle Actuator “A” Control Motor Circuit Low) and, P2103 (Throttle Actuator “A” Control Motor Circuit High).


This is a complicated repair problem unless you have access to a qualified workshop and gear. If your car is acting strangely and the check engine light turns on, scan it to see what codes are shown. If it is a P2101 or similar code, get your car repaired as soon as possible.

P2101 Code – What Does It Mean & How To Fix It