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P0365 – What Does It Mean and How To Fix It

This is one of the most frequent OBD2 trouble codes. Read the full article below to know what it means, how to fix it, and what other codes may show related to it.


P0365 is an OBD-II Code that refers to Camshaft Position Sensor B Circuit (Bank 1)


A P0365 code is a generic diagnostic trouble code that occurs when the PCM/ECM detecting a lack of voltage detected from the camshaft position sensor B in bank 1 by the PCM within a few seconds of the engine starting.

If the PCM detects an unbalanced signal from the camshaft position sensor, this may produce a P0365 code.


Common causes for this code include:

  • The CMP sensor is faulty.
  • Wiring issues, such as faulty wiring or poor connections
  • Timing component failure
  • Damaged CMP reluctor wheel
  • An internal engine problem is to blame
  • Issues with the PCM, such as updates for software


The symptoms of a P0365 code are:

  • Illuminated Check Engine Light 
  • Lack of power
  • Engine misfiring (running rough)
  • Engine stalls or no start or hard start
  • Loss of power during operation


To diagnose a P0365 DTC code, a technician would:

  1. Scan for codes in the ECM and look at the freeze frame data for failure.
  2. Visually inspect the wiring and connectors for any damaged, burnt, or brittle wires.
  3. Perform a wiggle test on all relevant wiring to check for looseness in the harness.
  4. Check the CMP sensor signal with a multimeter while cranking the engine to see if it is within specifications.
  5. Check the camshaft sprocket and chain or belt for damage.
  6. Check the PCM for updates and proper operation.

Common mistakes

The following are some of the most common mistakes that a technician may make when diagnosing a P0365 code:

  • Not thoroughly inspecting all the wiring and connectors.
  • Not checking the CMP sensor with a multimeter.
  • Overlooking other potential codes that may be setting along with the P0365 code.
  • Not checking for PCM updates.

How serious is this?

A P0365 code is considered to be relatively serious because it can cause the engine to misfire and run roughly. Additionally, it may result in a no-start condition or hard start.

What repairs can fix the code?

The following are solutions that may fix this problem:

  • Repair or replace any faulty parts such as wiring, connectors, or hoses.
  • Clean or replace the CMP sensor.
  • Check the camshaft sprocket and chain or belt for damage.
  • Update the PCM software.

Related codes

A P0365 is related to and may be accompanied by the following codes:

P0363 – Camshaft Position Sensor B Circuit (Bank 1)

P0300 – Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected

P0301 – Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected

P0302 – Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected

P0303 – Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected


In conclusion, the P0365 code is a diagnostic trouble code that refers to a problem with the camshaft position sensor B circuit in bank 1. The code may be caused by a number of factors, such as a faulty sensor, wiring issues, or damaged timing components. The code usually results in one or more of the following symptoms: illuminated Check Engine Light, loss of power, engine misfiring, and engine stalls.