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P0202 Code – What Does It Mean & How To Fix It

This is one of the most frequent OBD2 trouble codes. Read the full article below to know what it means, how to fix it, and what other codes may show related to it.


Injector Circuit Malfunction – Cylinder 2


Modern-day cars use fuel injectors for fuel regulation in the combustion chambers. The OBD fault P0202 is an indicator of a problem in the fuel injectors of cylinder 2. The malfunction can arise directly in the fuel injectors themselves or be a result of a issue in the circuit of the fuel injectors. 

The fuel injectors typically perform their function of supplying fuel to the combustion chambers in the form of a mist, using the help of a circuit and a fine nozzle. The circuit is responsible for carrying the electronic signal from the Engine Control Module (ECM) for releasing the fuel by lifting the valve inside the fuel injectors. If the circuit is damaged or open, the current flow is disrupted, resulting in the fault code P0202. 

DTC code P0202 can also occur due to a fault or breakage in the fuel injector itself. The ECM monitors the amount of voltage transmitted to the fuel injector as well as the amount of resistance in the circuit. In case, the observations of circuit resistance and circuit voltage show a deviation from the normal range, the ECM detects P0202. Hence, the cause of the P0202 must be diagnosed correctly to fix the fault code.


The occurrence of the default code P0202 can result from multiple issues related to the fuel injector. Some of the more common causes of the fault code P0202 are enlisted below:

  1. Dirt junk  stuck in the cylinder 2 fuel injector’s nozzle can cause the DTC P0202 to set in. 
  2. Worst case scenario –  A completely compromised cylinder 2 fuel injector. This is also one of the most common causes of P0202.
  3. It is also a possibility that the ECM is not working properly and is erroneously indicating the occurrence of P0202 when there is no issue with the cylinder 2 fuel injector circuit’s current flow or the resistance.
  4. The wiring around the cylinder 2 fuel injector might be broken or worn out, due to which P0202 is experienced. 
  5. The circuit for the cylinder 2 fuel injector could be damaged or malfunctioning.


Your car communicates with you in its own way by showing signs of distress and trouble. In case DTC P0202 has set in, your vehicle will show the following symptoms for you to know that there is something not right with your car’s engine:

  1. The Malfunction Lamp in your car’s display dashboard will illuminate. 
  2. Your car’s engine will most likely display missing and rough performance.
  3. You might also experience trouble with your car’s acceleration – low acceleration.
  4. The engine may not start at all.
  5.  You may also notice a reduced fuel efficiency in your car.


At this point, you have been able to detect a problem with your car’s engine. Now, how to know if the issue that your car’s engine is experiencing is specifically P0202? Here is how you can identify P0202:

Self Diagnosis:

  1. You will be required to conduct a visual inspection of the fuel injector and the writing surrounding it. You will typically be looking for any damage to the cylinder 2 fuel injector. You also need to check for any damaged or frayed wiring in connection to the fuel injector. If there is no visible damage to the fuel injector in cylinder 2, it is recommended that the car is professionally examined.

Professional Diagnosis:

  1.  The technician will first scan the engine for default codes, using a scanning tool to pinpoint the problem faced by your car’s engine. The freeze frame data from the codes will help the technician identify the specific default code. 
  2. The technician will then clear the freeze frame data to make sure if the occurrence of the fault code was due to genuine reasons or was a mere error of the ECM. The ECM may have to be replaced in case a fault is detected.
  3. The technician will then check the fuel injector’s voltage. If the voltage reading is less than 10 volts, the technician may suggest replacing the fuel injector.
  4. With the help of a digital volt ohmmeter, the technician then examines the resistance of the fuel injector’s circuit. If the resistance level is any different from the normal range, a replacement of the injector will be recommended.
  5. Using the help of an injector tester, the technician will examine the operation of the injector. An operational fuel injector would suggest that the appearance of fault code P0202 is likely not due to a problem with the injector itself but instead due to a possible broken wiring issue. In such a situation, the wiring is to be replaced. If the fault code persists, a replacement of the fuel injector is inevitable.

Common mistakes in diagnosis of DTC P0202

While diagnosing the fault in car engines, it is common for technicians to make errors by skipping an important step or by not following the correct order of diagnosis. One common mistake in the diagnosis of fault code P0202 can be that technicians may skip the step of checking the fuel injector circuit for broken wiring or damage before replacing it. 

How dangerous is DTC P0202

If left unattended, P0202 can result in complete engine failure. In this case, the car would refuse to start. There is also a possibility that the ECM would trigger the failsafe mode under which the automobile does not start to prevent long-term damage to the automobile. 

How to fix this?

  1. Replacement of a faulty cylinder 2 Fuel injector
  2. Replacement of a faulty ECM
  3. Replacement of damaged or frayed wiring
  4. Replacement of a damaged fuel injector circuit

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Regular engine maintenance activities such as supplier recommended oil changes, as well as engine servicing, can help avoid any blockages in the fuel system that may arise over time due to wear and tear. This would, in turn, aid in preventing the occurrence of P0202.

P0202 Code – What Does It Mean & How To Fix It