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P0014 Code – What Does It Mean & How To Fix It

This is one of the most frequent OBD2 trouble codes. Read the full article below to know what it means, how to fix it, and what other codes may show related to it.


Code P0014 is an OBD2 trouble code often truncated as "bank 1 exhaust camshaft position - timing over-advanced".


Trouble code P0014 is the OBD2 generic code indicating that the engine control module has determined that the bank 1 exhaust camshaft is actually more advanced than what the ECM has commanded it to be. The timing over-advanced condition indicated by this code could occur during the advancing or the slowing of the camshaft position timing.


There are several common causes of a P0014 code with a vehicle:

  • The bank 1 exhaust camshaft is advancing too much when the engine control module has directed the camshaft to slow to a lower timing level.
  • The viscosity of the oil is excessive, which causes the passages to clog. This results in a restrictive oil flow to and from the camshaft-phasers.
  • That the camshaft phaser has been seized in the advanced camshaft position.
  • That the oil control solenoid to the bank 1 camshaft may be shorted in the open position.


Here are some of the most common symptoms that a vehicle will be experiencing that may confirm a code P0014:

  • The first indication of an issue with the vehicle will be that the check engine light comes on.
  • You may notice that the engine may start hard. This can occur if the camshaft position is stuck too far advanced.
  • Your fuel mileage or fuel economy will be reduced due to the camshafts not being in their optimal positions. The positions that will give you better fuel mileage.
  • The engine may run roughly or stall, depending on the camshaft position.
  • If you take your vehicle in for an emissions test, this can cause your vehicle to fail the test.


There are several steps that a mechanic will take in examining and confirming that a P0014 code is indeed valid in the vehicle:

  • The mechanic should perform a visual inspection of the wiring, connector, and/or valve for any evident problems with the OCV for the bank 1 exhaust camshaft.
  • They will then check the engine oil level and condition of the oil to see if it is full and if it has the correct viscosity.
  • They will then scan and document any engine codes and view the freeze frame data to see when the code was set.
  • The next step is to clear all codes. This will give the mechanic the opportunity to see if the code returns, which would indicate that there is still a problem.
  • They will monitor the timing data while disconnecting the OCV to the exhaust camshaft to see if there are any changes with the timing. Any change in this would indicate the valve is working and the problem lies in the wiring or with the ECM.
  • Next, they will perform a manufacturer’s specific pinpoint test for the code P0014, and repair it as needed.

Common mistakes

There are some common mistakes that you should be aware of when you are confirming a P0014 code:

  • A visual inspection of the connector, valve, and wiring needs to be completed to confirm any issues with the OCV for the bank 1 exhaust camshaft position.
  • Check the engine oil level and the condition of the vehicle’s oil to see if it is full and has the correct viscosity.
  • Scan and document the engine codes, here's a great one we use daily and view the freeze frame data to check when the code was set.
  • Clear all OBD2 codes. Then run the engine to see if P0014 returns. This would indicate that the error is still present.
  • Monitor the timing data while disconnecting the OCV from the bank 1 exhaust camshaft to see if the timing changes. A change in this would indicate the valve is working, and that the problem must be in the ECM or the wiring.
  • Next, perform manufacturer’s specific pinpoint tests for a P0014 code and repair it as needed.

How serious is this?

The level of a code P0014 is fairly serious, and something that you should look into as soon as you start noticing something is wrong with the vehicle:

  • The engine may run erratically, stall, or have a hard starting problem.
  • Fuel consumption may increase, which will cause carbon to build up on the pistons and the engine valves.
  • Driving the vehicle for an extended period of time when the camshaft is out of time can cause the valves to contact the piston if the timing chain has jumped the gear teeth.

What repairs can fix the code?

Repair manuals

There are a few common repairs and fixes that can resolve the code:

  • Reset the fault codes and perform a road test.
  • Replace the oil and filter using the proper oil viscosity for the engine.
  • Repair or replace the wiring to the camshaft oil control valve for the bank 1 exhaust camshaft.
  • Replace the camshaft oil control valve for the bank 1 exhaust camshaft.
  • Repair or replace the timing chain and camshaft phases. This should be laid out in your vehicle’s service manual.

Related codes

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If left undiagnosed and untreated, a P0014 code can cause serious issues with the vehicle. We recommend you use this as a guide to properly diagnose, confirm, and repair this issue to properly clear this OBD2 trouble code.

P0014 code – what does it mean & how to fix it