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Prodiags Online Automotive Training Course Review

In the digital age, it has become easier and more convenient than ever to learn a new skill. Whether it’s a new language or a software program, chances are, there’s an online platform from which to learn on your own time. Even learning a trade has been made digital; this is what Prodiags has created and offers to those interested in working in the automotive industry. Prodiags’ online automotive online training course combines the latest technology with an extensive curriculum to create an intuitive online training platform.

The company offers training courses for aspiring mechanics as well as industry managers and trainers looking to develop their staff. Upon completion of the course, students studying to work as mechanics will be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. Each course offered is affordable and costs less than most traditional trade schools, making this an excellent choice for learners and trainers alike. 


What is Prodiags?

Prodiags was established in Finland in 1991 and has expanded its programming exponentially since that time. The company gathered a group of professionals and experts in the automotive industry to create their training modules for organizations that specialize in training, self-motivated learners, auto garages and trade schools. Prodiags training and learning materials were compiled by a diverse group of engineers, automotive technicians and mechanics.

This group of professionals has years of experience in the automotive industry and a passion for training new industry leaders. Since expanding beyond Finland, and now having their courses available around the world, Prodiags provides all of the material in several languages for your convenience. The obstacles of time and accessibility are removed with Prodiags, putting a quality education is well within your reach through their interactive platform.

Prodiags understands that learning a skill like auto mechanics is traditionally done with a more hands-on approach; they have considered this when designing its platform. They offer an experience that does not deprive its users of receiving the latest information and training the automotive industry has to offer. The major difference between Prodiags and traditional learning is that you can structure your learning around your busy schedule. 

What is the Process?

There are three categories to choose from: Mechanics, Workshop Managers and Trainers. Each category features material designed to help you reach your specific goals. For each course, you will choose the materials you’d like to purchase, add them to your cart, proceed to checkout and activate your account. The instructions for purchasing materials and entering your selected courses are easy to understand and follow.

For Trainers and Managers, you will be instructed on how to receive your materials and what to do if you encounter any issues. For Mechanics, you will proceed to your purchased modules and begin your courses; the platform is user-friendly and help is readily available. Prices are listed in euros and there are several methods of payment. 

Program Features


Those interested in becoming mechanics, or working in other capacities in the automotive industry, should enroll in classes on this platform. Once enrolled in the selected modules, students will begin learning the fundamentals of mechanics and progressing to more advance topics. The training methods go beyond written text; there are visual aids to assist in the comprehension of each concept. Students will view diagrams with moving parts to simulate mechanical functions. The content creators took various learning styles into consideration when creating these courses; they are thoughtfully designed and updated regularly. Once you’ve completed the training module, there will be an exam to test you on what you’ve learned. After successfully completing the training course, students can print out a certificate for their records. Some of the modules include: Engines and Transmission, Chassis and Brakes, Maintenance and Work Safety. You will learn the fundamentals of diagnostics, which is essential to providing quality service as a mechanic. The training includes learning to read the diagnostic testing devices and understanding their operating codes. Basic knowledge of electrical engineering will assist in the diagnostic process, so industry-focused electrical engineering is interspersed throughout the course. In addition to these skills, the Mechanics module will teach the components of monitoring systems and other diagnostic tools. 

Another crucial skill successful mechanics possess is knowing the ins and outs of servicing brakes. The Brake Service and Maintenance module will teach you how to identify and understand the functions of brake components. By the end of this module, you will know how to make accurate service assessments and how to document your findings. The course teaches, in depth, how to disassemble and service various types of brakes, and how to change the brake fluid.  In each module, you can choose the classes you’d like to complete. However, to get the most out of the Training Environment, you should aim to complete all courses in each module.

Workshop Managers

Workshop Managers looking to equip their staff with the tools needed to be successful in the industry. The materials are listed in categories based on the manager’s area of focus and desired outcomes. This platform offers automotive professionals the materials to complement their existing training programs. There’s a module that also focuses on creating organic programs based on your staff’s specific needs.  

Managers will learn how to take their staff from apprentices to mechanics able to perform diagnostics with the Technicians Package and the Master Technicians Package. There is also a section for managers to learn how to assess the skill level of their employees, as well as instruction on how to motivate apathetic employees and help them find inspiration again. There is a Skills Polishing module to help managers re-train employees who are having trouble performing to a high degree of excellence. The Re-ignite Training Module will assess where employees are currently in their industry knowledge. This is vital to the proper functioning of your business and will keep every employee on the same page. Prodiags takes special care to keep all information relevant and up-to-date to ensure thorough training. The Workshop Managers Program comes with additional licenses to enable you to share the training with employees and management staff. 


The Trainers platform is separated into two parts: Technology Coach and Material Novelist. These sections are perfect for those who are responsible for training new employees and managers. The teaching materials are printable and you can create assessments to be administered to team members. Those enrolled in the Technology Coach module can create their own materials on the platform not limited to text-only documents. You can create visual aids and access the Training Environment free of charge. The Training environment includes study guides, homework assignments and animated teaching tools for a more interactive learning experience. You are in control of planning, preparing and executing the course material and managing its users. Certificates are available after completing the module to validate the hard work and dedication of your trainees. The Material Novelist platform is for those looking to create their own curriculum to be used in their own classes. Whether you’re starting from scratch or struggling to refresh existing material, this module will help. There are no special IT skills required to get the most out of this module; there are step-by-step instructions throughout the process. Material Novelists will also have access to the Training Environment free of charge. There are several ways to get the most out of the Training Environment, so be sure to contact Prodiags prior to making your purchases to get a customized package. Prodiags is committed to providing quality material to trainers to advance the automotive industry worldwide. 

Worth the Investment?

Prodiags covers all the bases when it comes to e-learning in the automotive industry. The learning and training materials are organized into modules by subject. Each module is offered a la carte, and is priced to accommodate any budget. The added bonus of self-paced learning is an incentive that sets Prodiags apart from more traditional learning environments. The materials and resources created for managers and trainers are extensive and easy to use. Prodiags has established itself as a leader in automotive e-learning and training. The quality of educational materials offered for the value, is well worth the investment.

Final Thoughts

Prodiags is an innovative e-learning platform offering the latest in automotive training and learning for mechanics, management and instructors. The program’s most attractive features are its user-friendly platform, interactive course study design and its affordability. It’s perfect for those who want to learn the trade on their own time without sacrificing a quality learning experience. The comprehensive training course is comparable to the in-class approach, but offers the flexibility to learn independently.

Prodiags’ online training courses are perfect for anyone who wants to begin a career in the automotive industry. It’s also a good choice for those looking to become instructors and managers in the field. Trainers will have a partnership with Prodiags in creating innovative course material that is fresh and engaging.

Managers will find the support they need in ensuring their employees are trained in the latest technology and best practices. Prodiags online training course is designed to meet the needs of beginners and established professionals in the automotive industry in an accessible and convenient way.