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Auto Mechanic Pro review

This is a review of Auto mechanic pro. How vehicles are operated today are not the same as they were in the past. Thinking back to 20 years ago, a mechanic could simply work on a vehicle without much knowledge, you just needed some skill. Today, vehicles are operated by technology and it will take more than just some skill. Today you need to take the best online course, Auto Mechanic Pro to successfully repair a vehicle.

The great thing about Auto Mechanic Pro is anyone can take the course and will be educated on the level of manufacturers. The Auto Mechanic Pro course will allow you to make more profit as well as save money because it will help you determine the problem and fix it instantly. 

This is not the regular read and do it yourself repair guide that you will find online. This course is a sequential process that will allow you to be educated on how to repair all vehicles.

By the end of this article I will have reviewed why this is the best course to take to repair vehicles without losing customer service, time and money, but most importantly saving money and making money.

Auto Mechanic Pro Description

Auto-Mechanic Pro was created with 60 or more years of experience by eight mechanical professionals. It is an online membership step-by-step course for all mechanics who want to learn or improve their existing skills on how to quickly and accurately operate repairs on all vehicles, from the engine control modules, to sensors and actuators, to basic electrics, to wheel alignment and so much more on a degree level.

In the 760 pages of content, the online courses consist of three levels, The Beginner, The Intermediate and The Advanced. The course will walk you through with visual diagrams and easy to read text of new and updated content. The course can be completed in one to three months. 

What does the product do?

Auto Mechanic Pro trains you on how to repair all vehicles through clear instructions relating to today’s technology, such as, specifications, procedures, electrical components locations, diagnostic trouble code, testing for problems and many more. 

Is Auto Mechanic Pro good? 

Auto Mechanic pro is good. There’s nothing like this program available. What you will be learning in these courses you cannot find on Google, Youtube, or even Amazon. What would normally take someone with an automotive technology degree, somewhere between five years or more to complete can be done in a few months. 

Auto Mechanic Pro is the same repair guide that manufacturers and dealerships use but will not teach or expose to independent mechanics and technicians because they want to keep increasing profit by you coming to them for repairs, instead of you doing it yourself. 

Features that will include in membership

One of the most time consuming tasks when repairing a vehicle is creating diagnostic flow charts. The great thing is, in this membership you will not have to hand write it yourself or memorize charts. You will fill in the complaint, possible cause, and then the correction. The module will have a section for you to fill in the blanks to effectively enter the information. You will then match the trouble code with the description of the mechanical issue and then it will automatically identify possible causes for that particular trouble code. 

The module will also have pictures to show you what trouble code connects to with the description, in case you have difficulties. In the module you will learn how to read the diagnostic trouble codes to determine the solution. It will explain the solution step by step in a basic diagnostic procedure.

You cannot use a diagnostic flow chart without knowing the diagnostic trouble codes. Included in the membership as well are diagnostic trouble codes definitions and solutions for each code. Each code will have one letter then next to the letter you will find four numbers. Each code has five characters, P0302. Codes will include B-Body Codes, such as airbags, C-Chassis Codes, such as steering system, P-powertrain codes, such as, emission and U-Network Communication Codes, such as, the controller area.

Benefits of using charts will provide you with simple and concise information to eliminate the issue. The diagnostic flow chart will tell you how it works and why it is not working properly. When completing this module, you will be able to identify engine problems, overheating and accelerating tapping sounds, a weak battery, and so much more.  

Advantages included in the membership

One of the biggest advantages included in the membership with Auto Mechanic Pro is that you get to examine vehicles from inside and out. No matter if the vehicles are Electric, Hybrid, Petrol, Gas or Diesel. Even the Framework, like Steering, Airbag, Doors, Lights, Engine and Transmission.

 A great advantage included in the membership is being able to locate component locations. The Auto Mechanic Pro will show you exactly where parts are located on a vehicle

Another advantage is you get to work from home, or anywhere that you like. You can take your time to complete each module to get the best knowledge.

You will also get a monthly update of the latest technologies from various manufacturer brands and a list of terms with layman’s language to help you explain to your clients how something works and what was done to repair the issue.

What’s even better, if you know some new or missing information you can let the company know and they’ll research the topic you considered and add into it the membership so others can learn about something you suggested.

What’s the Process?

The process is quite rewarding and simple. First, Auto-Mechanic Pro is easy to sign up for.  All you have to do is sign up and you get three modules to instantly download. Second, to complete the modules there are 760 pages of instructional guides on printable PDF files for you to read and study while you are not online. Third, there are 300 topics, 750 technical illustrations and 175 waveforms. Intuitively you will understand how vehicles work and you won’t have to rely on time consuming diagrams to repair vehicles.

What will you learn?

Taking the Auto-Mechanic Pro course you will learn about all engine sensor technologies, electrical wiring schemes, color codes and descriptions. 

One feature that you will learn is how to use wiring diagrams step by step and how to view the circuit paths from the system or component level. Instead of looking at all the circuits together in one diagram, the module will show the circuits separate for a clear understanding. You won’t have to test every single circuit out. You will then be able to look at a vehicle and diagnose problems with the circuits.

The module will visually show you what is connected to what, including the pin number for the connector and splice locations. You will also be able to identify the color of each wire, color codes, such as Red is power all the time, Green is ground all the time, Yellow is ground when the circuit is complete and Orange is power when the circuit is complete. You will also be able to identify what wire may splice to different circuits or different sensors and identify where the load and fuse box is. The module will also show you if two wires are overlapping they are not part of the same circuit.

Benefits of learning how to read a wiring diagram, you will be able to identify wires, connectors, splice joints, fuses, relays and other components when looking at a wiring diagram. Learning to read a wiring diagram properly can save you time. 


Auto Mechanic Pro is the number one online source for vehicle repair and diagnostics. Why Auto Mechanic Pro is the best course to take to repair vehicles without losing customer service, time and money, it gives reliable information covering the latest components and systems for all vehicles. Auto Mechanic Pro is constantly updating information, even if the car is brand new from the dealership, you will be able to determine the issue and quickly resolve the issue, while also knowing how to communicate to your clients about the issue.

Anyone can learn from the Auto Mechanic Pro course how to quickly and effectively repair a vehicle. Taking this course it does not matter what component or model you are diagnosing you will be able to solve the issue and eliminate mistakes that can damage your brand awareness. 

You will save time and money without being stressed. You can save money just by teaching your employees with this easy and quick one to three month rewarding online course!

Happy clients means happy business, so whether you are a vehicle owner looking to save some money, or an automobile repair shop owner looking to increase profit, this is highly recommended for you!