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About Me

Alex Meyer: Founder, Mechanics Expert and Chief Editor

Blog author


Alex here, Editor-in-Chief at OBD2Pros and main unit tester. I’ve been fixing cars for 14 years now, from the days a $100 OBD2 unit from some chinese knock-off brand felt like Matrix stuff till today. I’ve worked for top automotive brands such as Mazda and Citroen, as well as an specialized Mercedes garage in 2012 back in London, amongst others.

For the last 3 years I’ve grown the car audio and general car gear review blog Gear4wheels.com, where I aimed to share everything I found and knew about what was at the time my main hobby (car audio).

Over time as cars continued to get more and more technologically convoluted and harder to diagnose, I found that OBD2 diagnosis was much, much trickier. Sure you get codes and diagnosis units are now capable to do marvelous things, but cars are also much more complex nowadays.

If you ever spent two hours on a computer forum trying to fix one simple driver issue for a microphone or printer, imagine that on steroids, every day, for anything from ABS to engine issues… 

Some point a couple years ago I started publishing a list of the top units on that blog and that piece got a lot of love (some hate too) and I’ve been updating it for a while. You can read it here:

What I discovered thanks to readers emails and comments is that there were A LOT of units out there I had no clue existed, as well as many more codes than the ones I was familiar with. I then decided to reclute two friends of mine to help me research the entire code reader market… and OBD2Pros was born.

​We have a generalistic leaderboard that offers a wide selection of units you can see here, as well as dedicated selections for each specific car maker. You can go and find the right unit for your ride by using the menu above or using this page.